Las Vegas

Las Vegas recipe pictures

I took a quick, last minute trip to Las Vegas last week. Cliff was there for a whole week for work, so I thought I’d meet him and take advantage of the free room. Cliff was staying at the MGM Signature Suites in a 2 bedroom suite. He really enjoyed this hotel but it was a little hike to the main part of the strip. It is connected to MGM though. It was definitely a quick trip; I left Friday morning and was home late Saturday night. Originally, Cliff was supposed to work most of the day on Friday but we lucked out and he was off all day. Cliff pretty much just wanted to lounge by the pool all weekend but I am incapable of lounging when there is so much food to eat. So we compromised; he sat at the pool while I hit up some bakeries.


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Cranberry Vanilla Bean Mimosa 5

Cranberry Vanilla Bean Mimosa

   I think I mentioned about a week ago that I was headed to Wilmington, NC for a business trip. Well, I went and am already back home. Wah Wah. I fell in love with Wilmington though ... [Continue Reading]

Milwaukee 3

Milwaukee-What We Ate!

Last week I told you all about what we did in Milwaukee. Today is all about what we ate. ... [Continue Reading]

Salmon Stir Fry

Salmon Stir Fry

Stir fry is like....the easiest week night meal ever. This is very important to me because weeknights can sometimes be hectic and more often than not I can be a lazy bum. Aside from being fast and ... [Continue Reading]

Milwaukee 25

Milwaukee-What We Did

  Over Labor Day weekend Cliff and I took a quick road trip to Milwaukee. Airfares have been so expensive lately that we have been doing short road trips instead of flying places. St. Louis, ... [Continue Reading]

Onion and Bacon Tart

Onion and Bacon Tart

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? My family drove out to Wisconsin Dells over the weekend for a wedding. It was fun and beautiful and yada yada yada, but I am exhausted and don't feel recharged for ... [Continue Reading]