Kir Royale Cupcakes

A friend from work hired me to make cupcakes for a Valentine’s Day party she was attending. I wanted to impress her with something creative. Mary loves French cuisine but I know little to nothing about it. It’s from her that I learned what Crème de Cassis was (a sweet black currant-flavored liquor). When served with champagne, Crème de Cassis becomes a Kir Royale. Fancy huh?

I wanted to incorporate the flavor she liked so much into her cupcakes. I went with a champagne chiffon cupcake, which I found on Annie’s Eats. The cupcake was so light and airy; it paralleled angel food cake. A delicate chiffon cake was a good choice because it’s light enough to soak up the champagne giving it a wonderful flavor. Then instead of going with a ganache like Annie, I piped my cupcakes with a basic vanilla buttercream frosting that was spiked with just enough Crème de Cassis to give it a subtle black currant flavor and pinkish hue. The end result was a fancy schmancy Kir Royale Cupcake.

Note: Choose a champagne you like; the cupcakes will soak up the flavor. The sweeter the champagne you chose, the sweeter the cupcake. I went with a Brut which is more dry, but Blush Pink or Extra Dry might be really tasty too. The brand is up to you too, I splurged and went with a $4.99 bottle of André. 😉

Here's what you'll need

To start off, separate 7 egg whites

You'll need the yolks too

Beat the egg whites, just until foamy

Add sugar and beat until you get stiff peaks. These look perfect!

Carefully transfer to a bowl; set aside

Leftover champagne? Make mimosas! But all our pictures stopped making sense from here on. Weird

Folding in the whites after forgetting to picture several steps. Oops!

Divide batter between liners

Très bon




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