BLT Salad

Salads with plain old iceberg lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and mass-produced dressing are boring. They’re the type of salad we always have at big family feasts and nobody touches. It just sits there idly while the pasta, meat and delicious sides get devoured. When dinner is over, I put plastic wrap over the salad, pop it in the fridge and tell myself I’ll eat it in the next day or two. Inevitably it’s tossed about four days later when it’s either wilted, smelly…or both. Who wants a salad like that?

A BLT salad is the exact opposite; the name speaks for itself! Bacon, lettuce and tomato salad with crunchy homemade croutons. Whip up a quick buttermilk dressing and this salad could easily be the star of the show. The dressing is great because buttermilk is low in fat and it’s tangy; a great compliment to the salad. I made this salad a few weeks back and most of it was eaten, there was one serving leftover. I ate that for lunch the next day. Nothing spoiled in my fridge!

Note: This is an excellent salad to bring to a picnic, party or potluck–very simple and yummy. But be sure to pack the ingredients separately then toss together right before serving. There’s nothing worse than soggy croutons!

Here's what you'll need. Forgot to picture the salt.

Start by cutting bread into cubes for the croutons

Toss with olive oil and pop in the oven with the bacon

Meanwhile, cut the romaine and halve your cherry tomatoes

Chop up some green onions-you'll need them for the dressing

To make your dressing start with 1/3 cup buttermilk

Add to that 3 tablespoons mayo

In goes the apple cider vinegar

And of course the green onions

Whisk Whisk Whisk

Then season with salt and pepper

Croutons look done. Our bacon was already done, we made extra from a previous dish

Toss everything together and serve. It'll be a hit...promise!


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