Cake Batter Chocolate Bark

There are times when I feel like baking something complicated, like this. I spend hours researching what kind of impressive dessert I will make, gathering the ingredients, and creating my masterpiece. In the end I look at it with pride. I am often surprised that I can successfully execute some of the recipes I try. That is not to say there are not failures. Believe me, there are more failures than I’d like to admit. And when I fail I often lose confidence. The first time I made ice cream was a total fail. My first attempt ended up being scrambled eggs and never made it to the ice cream maker. My second attempt did make it to the ice cream maker but it never got hard. Fail x2. And this was all in 1 day. But I tried again and I am 2 for 2 in ice cream making since then.

But sometimes I just don’t want to spend 4 hours on 1 cake. Or, I don’t want to go searching for special ingredients. Sometimes I just want simple. And sometimes, simple tastes just as good as complicated. And that is what counts. This is one of those simple recipes that are surprisingly good. How can something so simple be so good? I don’t know, but i’m not about to complain!!

Total sidenote, but I just want to brag for a minute. See that purple plate in the picture above? Guess how much I paid for that plate? A penny! Can you believe that? I bought 2 plates for 1 penny each at Sur La Table a couple weeks ago.  Can you believe that?

Here is what you'll need

Melt the chocolate

Pour it onto a cookie sheet

And spread evenly. Make it easy on yourself and use an offset spatula.

Melt the white chocolate

Add the cake batter

Pour the white chocolate on the milk chocolate. Which you should have just taken out of the freezer.

Spread evenly

Simple, yet tasty!!


  1. says

    YUMMMMMMM!! I’ve never heard of cake batter bark, but it looks super tasty. And sometimes (well, almost all the time for me!) simple is better!

  2. Spikydemon says

    I’m a bit confused, do you make the batter or do you just pour the dry cake mix in directly?
    Also, I couldn’t find any cake mix in Iceland, I only found muffin mix, would that turn out okay?

    • says

      You need to use a dry mix. They dont sell dry cake mix in Iceland?? In the US we have an entire aisle of the grocery store filled with box cake mixes! You could use this recipe for yellow cake mix and leave out the wet ingredients: . But just so you know, I have not tried this. You want to add 3 teaspoons of dry cake mix to the white chocolate. Im not sure if muffin mix would work. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

      • Spikydemon says

        Well there was one store that sold yellow cake mix. Took me a few days, though!
        No, it’s not a big thing here, to be honest. They sell chocolate cake, cookies, pancakes, muffins and carrot cakes in mixes. That’s pretty much it :p

  3. Renee says

    OMG how amazingly awesome is this! I’ve been addicted to the birthday cake rice crispy treats and have substitued cake batters and now this is going to be a ‘must try asap’! Thank you soooo much. Hopefully I remember to pick up the last ingredients at the store soon.

  4. Christina says

    I tried making these today but they didn’t come out so great. I followed all the directions but in the end my two layers just won’t stick together. They taste ok, but when I try breaking the bark in to smaller pieces the chocolates are separating. I think it would have come out better if I hadn’t frozen the bottom layer before adding the top and just let it set naturally.

    • says

      I’ve been trying to think of why yours didnt turn out. I really have no answer though. How long did you leave the first layer in the freezer? I think if you layer the chocolate and white chocolate right away they will mix. Maybe you could freeze the first layer a little less so that it sticks better. Sorry, it didnt turn out!

      • Christina says

        I had the first layer in the freezer for about 15 minutes. I think the problem may have been condensation on the bottom layer when I was getting the top layer ready to spread. I’ve had ok luck with stuff like chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels setting ok at room temp so I think I’ll try to let the first layer set a little while out of the cool, then freeze the whole thing together. The white chocolate / cake mix is yummy though. I’m not giving up yet :-)

        • says

          I wonder if the weather has anything to do with it? I do not remember there being any condensation. Let me know how the second batch turns out. Good luck!

  5. Katie says

    So I’m going to be making these for a bridal shower next weekend & wanted to test out the recipe (only smaller) beforehand so I could see if there was anything I needed to adjust. I made the decision as I was walking through Walgreens, so I didn’t have ALL of the correct ingredients available. I did, however, grab a bar of Lindt salted milk chocolate, a bar of Lindt coconut white chocolate, and a box of brownie mix since they were out of cake mix.

    Followed the same steps, just used different ingredients, and added coconut flakes & chocolate sprinkles on the top.

    HOLY CRAZY DELICIOUS. Seriously. I can’t wait to try the cake batter, but coconut chocolate brownie bark might become my go-to holiday candy. Thank you so much!

    • says

      Sounds like you created your own bark recipe! I actually have been wanting to try brownie mix instead of cake mix! Glad to hear it turns out good.


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