Crème Brûlée French Toast

As Kelly mentioned yesterday we recently made challah bread. I had been eyeing the recipe for ages. I love, love, love challah bread! The recipe looked kind of complicated though. I am often leery of making bread. And braided bread, even more difficult! But then when I saw that Deb from Smitten Kitchen made crème brulee french toast, I knew I had to make it with challah bread. Challah bread with honey butter is great on its own, but add custard and a caramel top and it is irresistible!

Breakfast is not my favorite meal. In fact, it is my very least favorite meal. I pretty much stick to pancakes, granola, fruit, bagels and donuts. I never eat french toast because I think it is “soggy.” And I never put syrup on my pancakes. Again, soggy. But this french toast is great because 1, it is not soggy. And 2, because of the caramelized topping it doesn’t need syrup. Perfect for me! I really hope you enjoy this one!

Here is what you'll need

Add the milk to a bowl

And the heavy cream

And the sugar

And the eggs

And the salt

And the vanilla

And finally the orange zest

Lay the bread on a rimmed tray and pour the custard over it. We should have used a smaller tray. Live and learn.

Pop them in the over for 30 minutes

Pour the sugar into a heavy sauce pan

Cook until the sugar melts and takes on a honey color. I dont know why ours is so chunky!!

Pour the caramel over the toasts

And spread quickly. Very quickly.

Perfect french toast. No syrup required.


  1. Viviann says

    Did you stir the sugar a lot? I think I’ve heard somewhere that if you stir sugar a lot when melting it, it actually encourages the sugar to develop large crystals, thus the lumps. It’s better to leave it be after an initial stir…or so I’ve heard.


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