Linguine with Artichokes

I think that I have mentioned before that Cliff and I have a twice monthly dinner club/game night with 3 other couples. We alternate between our houses and the host provides dinner and lots of drinks and someone else brings a game. Lately, we haven’t been actually playing the game but we are always ready to eat! I know some of these girls read my blog, so hopefully I won’t offend anyone… But some of us are more passionate about cooking than others. My friend Melissa in particular is an excellent cook and entertainer. She is a total Martha Stewart. She made this dish for one of our dinners and I knew right away that I had to make it for the blog.

Even though we eat a lot of pasta, I am not really that creative with what I put in my pasta. I pretty much grew up eating spaghetti and basic red sauce. Eventually we started eating pesto and vodka sauce, but artichoke sauce? New to me. It has quickly become a favorite. Every Saturday I ask Cliff what he wants for lunches this week. Most people would probably say, turkey sandwich, or something. Not Cliff, he requested linguine with artichoke sauce. People at his work must really be jealous, because this pasta is amazing!  And it doesn’t take much longer to prepare than turkey sandwiches. I  had some leftover grilled chicken breast in my fridge, so I used that, but you could also use shrimp or just skip the meat altogether.

Here is what you'll need

Melt the butter with the oil

Add the flour

Quarter the artichokes

Add the chicken broth

Add the garlic

Add the parsley

Add the lemon juice

Add the artichokes

Slice up your chicken

Add the sauce to your drained pasta

Sprinkle with cheese and add the capers

Ready to eat!!


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    A fabulous weeknight dish! I love your idea of a supper/game club, too. What a wonderful way to not only save on cooking a couple times a month, but to connect with friends over great food, conversation and fun.

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    Love your pretty manicure; my photos always have my mangled chipped nails showing… so classy, I know. This sounds amazing; your hubby is lucky to have such gourmet lunches!

    • says

      Unfortunately I cant take credit for those pretty nails. Kelly is always the one with the manicures in the pictures. I am the one with the dirty, chipped nails. If you look at the step-by-step photos you will see there are 2 sets of hands. Mine are the unmanicured ones.

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    Game night is one of our favorite nights too! Definitely gonna have to keep this dish in mind for the next one! Sounds too tasty to pass up =)

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