Nutella Mug Cake

There are several food bloggers that I follow religiously. In fact I have a hard time concentrating at work until I read their posts each morning (ssshh!). And a lot of them just crack me up. They’re clever and well-written. I get so upset when I can’t think of witty things to say in my posts! It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my recipe, believe me I do. I never post anything that I’m not completely proud of.  Rather it’s writer’s block and the inability to come up with topics other than the weather. Really…how many times can I say that Chicago is cold? But today I’m not at a loss for words. Actually I have a secret to share with you. And it’s life changing.

The secret is this: Nutella Mug Cake. Write it in your diary and don’t ever forget! This moist and chocolatey cake took about 1.5 minutes to bake and about a minute total in prep time. And better yet, it’s one serving size! Perfect for YOU! So on those nights (every night) when you’re craving something sweet, no need to settle on a stale cookie, questionably old ice cream, or a handful of hard marshmallows. Whip up this individual dessert and dig in.

Here’s what you’ll need

You’ll need 4 tablespoons sugar,

3 tablespoons cocoa powder,

4 tablespoons self-rising flour,

3 tablespoons milk,

3 tablespoons vegetable oil,

And the Nutella! This is an ingredient I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have on hand!

Oh yeah…and an egg. I think that’s the last ingredient.

Whisk with a fork until smooth

It has magically risen and baked completely in 1.5 minutes. Doesn’t get much better than this!

I quickly made some whipped cream, then dug in!

Nutella Mug Cake
Yields 1
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Prep Time
3 min
Cook Time
2 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
3 min
Cook Time
2 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 4 tablespoons self-rising flour
  2. 4 tablespoons sugar
  3. 1 egg
  4. 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  5. 3 tablespoons Nutella
  6. 3 tablespoons milk
  7. 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
Whipped Cream Topping (if desired)
  1. ½ cup heavy cream
  2. 1 tablespoon sugar
  1. Combine all ingredients in a large coffee mug.
  2. Whisk well with a fork until smooth.
  3. Microwave on high for 1½– 3 minutes. (Time depends on microwave; mine took 1½ minutes.)
  4. Add heavy cream to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment and whip on medium-high speed until almost stiff.
  5. Add sugar and beat until heavy cream forms stiff peaks.
  6. Top Mug Cakes with whipped cream and a little chocolate sauce, if desired.
Adapted from Eclectic Recipes
Adapted from Eclectic Recipes
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      • LuAnn says

        Hi – I tried this but when it cooked it puffed way up, then immediately fell when the cooking stopped. It really needed a pinch of salt and was not chocolately enough for me. I’ve seen some recipes for brownie in a cup without the egg. I may try them. Anyone else have the rising and falling problem?

        • Kira says

          I had the same problem. Mine massively overflowed and fell drastically. I’ve had similar issues with other recipes and I’ve learned to pause the cooking right before it overflows to let it settle some. I still get all of the puff, but less of the fall at the end. It might help.

        • aqua says

          Yes I had the same problem the first time

          I had no messering tools or anything

          The thing is u gotta follow the exact steps and make sure the batter is thick n not watery as if u put to much milk

        • Diane O says

          Not to be a party pooper but with 3 tabs of oil (120 cal per tab) It kinda takes the fun out of eating this quick single serving dessert.

          • Cam says

            I don’t see how the number of calories something contains has anything to do with how fun it is to make/eat.

          • Kerstin says

            Also… if worried about calories, you can always replace the oil for apple sauce or a mashed banana. I did this and the mug cake still came out tasting amazing and all oozy with chocolate goodness.


          • Christy says

            Hey I am with you not only on the oil but the sugar as well. Too many hours on the treadmill to work this one off lol

          • says

            Yeah as was said, you can sub applesauce for oil, and usually can sub sweetener for sugar if youre concerned about calories. Stevia/Truvia are sweeteners made for baking so those are probably the best options but any sweetener will work in the right proportion

          • Ashlie says

            well here’s an idea then… dont eat dessert.. The fact that it’s a dessert means that it’s not meant to be healthy or calorie free, it’s meant to be enjoyed, every last calorie of it…

          • anna says

            I made this but without the oil (mainly because I didn’t have any in)
            and it was still AMAAAZZZING
            made it for all my friends they love it ! I also used weight watchers nutella … so in my head I wasn’t being bad lol

          • Hania says

            Using the ingredients for one mug cake I made 4 microwave Nutella soufflés. Every Saturday me and my family each have one , they’re to die for.

        • Victoria says

          Thats where i got these recipes from too! i tried this and it turned out really well. i didnt have any rise and fall problems like others have said. It tastes amazing!

      • yvonne camino says

        hello, just wondering if this works without cocoa powder? or i can replace that with something a broke college student may have on hand?

      • Brenelly says

        I did it but I saw it was too much batter so I did it on a bowl and it was great. I love how easy the recipe is.

    • LIlo says

      Was easy to make but had to microwave it for almost 5 minutes till it started rising. It was kind of disappointing.

    • Katie says

      Really good! Excellent recipe. But the amount of batter was too much for any mugs I had, so I put it all in rather large soup bowl. That seemed to work fine. I also didn’t have self-rising flour, so I added 1/8 teaspoon of salt and 3/8 teaspoon of baking soda, and the cake rose perfectly. Mine cooked in about 2 minutes. I think I’ll need to 1/2 the recipe next time so it will all fit in one of my mugs, though! I topped it with normal, store-bought whipped cream and it was still heavenly :)

  1. Denise says

    How big should the mug be? Does it make a difference? Otherwise, this looks delicious!!! I have got to give this a try!!!

    • says

      You want a decent size mug for this cake. The one I used was about 2 cups (that’s my best guess, I’m not near it right now!). As you can see in the pictures, the batter was about 1 inch below the top of the mug before I put it in the microwave and when it came out it had risen above. If you only have small mugs I would decrease the ingredients or it could overflow while it’s cooking.

      • Connie says

        Hi Kelly,

        I tried this recipe and only had medium sized mugs. The batter ended up being too much, so I mixed it in a bowl and divided it between two mugs. My fiance and I just loved them when they came out!! So, if you’ve only got smallish mugs, this is the perfect recipe for sharing!

    • Anni says

      I started with a large mug but found mixing difficult in the narrow container so I moved it to a small bowl and it works great!

  2. says

    Oh gosh, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person left on Earth who hasn’t tried Nutella, but after this I think it’s a given that I will soon no-longer be a Nutella-virgin. Looks so good!!

    • says

      No, you’re not the only one haha. I don’t like nuts, so I stay clear of the stuff. I wish I could try this cake. It looks amazing.

      • Jane says

        I am not a fan of nuts either, but I am totally going to try this by switching Nutellla for a more delicious and nut free chocolate spread.

  3. says

    Still gawking at this awesome cake.Feel like digging in too.Lovely mug and pictures.I have a query do let me know if I could replace egg with something else.Thanx.

    • says

      Eggs are an essential part of baking because they not only help to bind the ingredients together but they give the cake lift too. Also eggs help to keep the cake moist. I’ve heard of applesauce and bananas as substitutes for eggs, but I’m not sure of the results since I’ve never tried. Thanks for the comment!

    • K says

      hi there is a substitue for egg! its applesauce! i know it sounds wierd but it works.for every egg do one heaping tablespoon of appleauce. My sister is allergic to egg so i know this works.
      hope this helps!

    • Kissekatten says

      There is a product called No-Egg powder than can be used. You can also substitue egg with applesauce and a ripe mashed banana.

      • Leiti says

        Only banana also should work quite well… I ate vegan for some time and there are for example cookies just made out of banana and oats, so I guess it should work with this as well. Maybe just try with 1/3 to 1/2 banana?

    • Vanessa says

      I know this is an older question, but I’ll answer this anyway, since it may help others. You can use ground flax mixed with a little water so that it matches the consistency of a beaten egg. I used it because someone in my house used all the eggs and didn’t replace them. Works great! Oh, and make sure you use a BIG mug…mine overflowed a lot and I spent a while cleaning the microwave. But it’s a great recipe.

  4. says

    thank you. thank you. thank you. i love baking but i live alone so i tend to eat more than my share of baked goods. i could definitely use a single serving recipe. especially one that involves nutella!

  5. says

    Wow. I made this tonight, and it turned out much better than I expected. I’ve tried other one-cup cake recipes before that were not very impressive.
    I think the addition of Nutella (one ingredient I always have on hand, too) made this one stand out.
    I made a couple of adjustments due to what I had on hand. I used carob powder instead of cocoa, and reduced the sugar to 2T (carob is naturally sweeter than cocoa). I also reduced the oil to 2T, just for health’s sake. I cooked it for just 1.5 minutes in a 14oz mug, and it came out perfectly!
    The result was lovely, fluffy, and very tasty! Thanks for this recipe. I found you on Foodgawker!

    • says

      I found that mine cooked perfectly at 1.5 minutes also, but it depends on the power of your microwave. This was the first time I had ever tried a Mug Cake, and the addition of Nutella quickly convinced me to try it out. If you’re a Nutella lover like I am you may be interested in the Nutella Cheesecake we have posting later this week. Thanks for the comment!

  6. says

    Oh WOW! I love Nutella and cannot wait to try this! I think I’ll invite my girlfriends over for a coffee & cake night. Thanks for posting; I look forward to checking out your blog, this is my first visit. :)

  7. Angela says

    Thanks for posting this. I’m eating it now and it is so good. Next time it will be doubled in a bowl to share… maybe!

  8. violin427 says

    Mmmyum, looks great.
    Can you replace self-rising flour with all-purpose flour and maybe a dash of baking soda instead?

  9. Valerie says

    I made this for my husband a few nights ago. He loves chocolate enough for the both of us. However, I ate half of it before giving it to him ( I am not a chocolate lover). Needless to say, this will be a regular around our house!
    Thanks :)

  10. Mariëlle says

    yummie yummie yummie this is soooooooooo good. I could not believe that something made this fast could taste good, but is tastes even better

  11. Sarah says

    My 14 yr old just made this for herself. She’s never tried Nutella before… And she LOVES this! High praise from a monstrously picky eater!

  12. Jamie Murfee says

    I tried this tonight and loved it!! I cooked mine in the wrong size mug (lesson learned!) and it was such a perfect dessert! I shared your website with all my friends too :) looking forward to more of your recipes!

  13. Stephanie says

    I tried one of these just as a quick treat, and I loved it!!! But what was even better is that my sister’s birthday is coming up soon, and since she’s at college I couldn’t very easily send her a cake. I sent her a cute mug with the dry ingredients in it and a candle so she could cook it up and celebrate! I can’t wait to see how she likes it!

  14. Sabrina says

    I used plain flour instead of self-rising flour so it only rise a bit and went flat after awhile. And it came out hard too. But the flavor is still awesome! First attempt I put too much milk so it came out alittle jelly like. Improved a lot on my second attempt. I was wondering if you can use peanut butter instead of nuttela? ’cause here in Taiwan nutella is kinda expensive. Anyway this recipe is awesome and so easy & fast to make!

  15. says

    I just tried your yummy single serving cake. Maybe I tried to do too much, but it overflowed the large mug and then went flat. Here’s what I did: homemade self-rising flour, powdered egg + water, powdered milk + water, sugar cocoa, Nutrella, and oil.

    The idea was to make up the dry ingredients ahead of time – a cake in a jar.

  16. leyla says

    found this on pinterest and had to try it! it was super easy and so yummy! i didn’t have self rising flour so i used all purpose. it didn’t stay puffed up like yours, but i didn’t care because it tasted so good! i microwaved mine for 2 minutes. hopefully i can limit myself to making this sparingly. thanks for sharing!!

  17. says

    Any idea if this will convert to an oven baked dessert successfully? We don’t have a microwave and I’m thinking about experimenting with an oven safe mug!

    • c.g.k says

      It is essentially a sponge cake so it should be ok, might not be as gooey though.

      My family have made this style of deserts in the microwave for years! I never thought they would be seen as such a novelty. But then I think sponge puddings are quintessentially British, my American fiance has never had one…

  18. Lynette says

    I just tried this. I don’t have self-rising flour. I used 4 tbsp all-purpose flower and added 1/2 tsp of baking powder and a dash of salt. I don’t have any nutella, so I used peanut butter. It was very good. I think another time, I’d used 2 tbsp peanut butter and add more sugar and cocoa powder. Or just go and buy some nutella! Ha! Thanks!

  19. Kara Nutt says

    Just stumbled upon this on Pinterest, had to try it! I substituted coconut oil and splenda, they turned out wonderful! My cups were a little smaller so I mixed a double batch in a large mixing cup and divided it into 3 cups, worked great.

  20. Erica says

    This was DELICIOUS!!!! I used applesauce instead of oil and it was still fabulous!

    My mug spilled over but it was still great. It was really sweet though and next time I’m gonna try to cut the recipe in half! Still delish!

  21. Michelle says

    I am really wanting to do this as a demonstration speech in my class, but I don’t have THAT many mugs, so would this recipe work if I used Mason jars?

    • Ant says

      For Michelle 3/27/12: I’d say use wide mouth jars for sure because narrow might restrict the rise. You could probably split the recipe into 2 1/2 pint jars. Just a guess but love your class project idea! Lucky students!

  22. Eva says

    I would love to try this but I do not own a microwave. Any suggestions for baking time and temp in the oven?

  23. Nancy Rivera says

    Love it!!!! I found it a little bit sweet for me… maybe it was the extra tablespoon of Nutella that I added. Got I little greedy!

  24. Archana says

    Not for the calorie conscious though. I use this recipe for a quick fix, but share with my husband because, unbelievably each mug has a whopping 900 CALORIES!!! Excluding the topping. I some times use chocolate chips instead of Nutella and its amazing.

  25. Wendy says

    Hi there, I do not own a microwave oven so if I use an oven… At what temperature should I set & for how long . Pls adv.. I wanna make for my folks!!

    • says

      This particular recipe is meant for the microwave – I’m not sure it would work in the oven (although I’ve never tried). It uses minimal ingredients and only takes a couple minutes to prep so it might be worth trying. 😉

  26. Eric says

    I tried making this last night. It had risen but seemed too gooey so I let it stay in longer – made a mess and wasn’t as moist as I thought it would be, but I I think that is because I over-cooked it. How can you visually tell when its done? When it has risen? I’m going to try again tonight.

    • Koneko says

      Easy way is to stick a metal skewer or knife into the middle and if it comes out with gooey batter cook a bit longer. If it comes out clean then its cooked. It just like testing a regular cake. Tho I think this particular one is meant to be a bit moist/gooey, just not raw.

  27. portmaid says

    I made this today and we love it! Kids have asked for it again tomorrow. You do need a really big mug, we shared one between 2 think next time I’ll split the mix between two smaller mugs so we’re not arguing over who had more!! Thanks for a quick and tasty great recipe.

  28. Ruchi says

    Just made it in half the proportion. Phenomenally good, lovely texture and very easy to make. The whole process from deciding to make it to eating it took 5 min.
    Thats dangerously easy! 😀

    PS – Dint have self rising flour, so substituted it with all purpose flour and a pinch each of salt and baking powder.

    • kabes84 says

      I microwaved for 2.5 minutes, and it was on the drier side, perfect for ice cream. I bet if you did it for 1.30 it’ll be perfectly gooey!

  29. kabes84 says

    For those of you trying to sub all purpose flour for the self-rising
    4 tablespoons flour, a pinch of salt and a half a teaspoon of baking powder will do for 4 tablespoons of all purpose. Worked out perfectly!

  30. Sue says

    Made this tonight. It was a big hit. Some comments: My microwave may not have been high enough power because the top was moist, fluffy and amazing – but half way through it was gooey. Not to worry, another 35 seconds once we got there and it baked the bottom. I think next time we will divide the recipe into 2 mugs – since it was more than I could eat alone – and that will fix the problem. Great recipe! Definitely going to share. Thanks!! 😀

  31. Alexandrea says

    Waaaaaayyyyyy too much sugar. I would make myself a healthier version of this and make my own “Nutella” and use raw honey or Stevia for the sweetness.

  32. Janine says

    I have no clue what I’m doing wrong I have the same cup as you and mine keeps boiling over! When I stop it the bottom is all raw?!

    • says

      I had an even larger mug than this and was having the same problem. I’ve learned since then (with other mug recipes that rise too high) that watching closely and pausing when it rises above the rim of the mug seems to help. I pause it just long enough to let it settle, and then start cooking again. You might have to pause it a couple of times, but I haven’t had overflow problems since I started doing that.

  33. Chris says

    Didn’t have any cocoa, so just left it out. Opted to go with 2 tbsp each of sugar and oil and used the homemade self rising flour. Worked great and I’ll definitely make again!

  34. Ami says

    I’ve made a lot of microwave cakes, and this is hands down the best one. Added a scoop of cappuccino truffle ice cream on top, and now I’m set for a movie night :)

  35. Leila says

    Thanks for the recipe. I made it but it was too sweet and WAY too chocolatey. 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder for 4 tablespoons of flour. If you were making a big chocolate cake, you wouldn’t have a 3:4 cocoa:flour ratio (and that doesn’t even count the nutella in the recipe!). It should be something more like 1:10 or smaller.
    I cut the cocoa to 2 teaspoons and with that and the nutella, it was PLENTY chocolatey. I also cut the sugar and oil to two tablespoons each. Then it was perfect.

  36. Chrystal says

    i loce this recipe….i ttired it tonight amd it is awesome didnt have any coco powder so i used 4 tbsp of nutella and it turned out great will be making again… remember to used a large cup

  37. Lucy says

    I tried this last night, and it was so yummy. It was quick, easy to make and not much clean up afterwards. I can’t believe that you can make a cake in 5 minutes! Also, at the bottom of the mug it was all gooey, which was lovely! I’m going to make it again very soon.

  38. Tasja says

    Looking forward to trying this! I’m not really sure what you mean with vegetable oil. Can you use olive oil? I also have coleseed oil (not sure if this is the correct name).

  39. Mary says

    When you say “big mug,” you mean gargantuan! I am completely satisfied with the result, it’s too good to share. Thank you thank you thank you!

  40. Alice says

    My god!
    Just tried it and…it literally is heaven! My cup was too small, but I thought as much and put a plate underneath the cup…but it’s amazing! :)

  41. says

    I’ve left this link on for days until I could get a chance to try it, and oh my do I love it! I have to eat gluten free so I subbed the flour with gluten free flour and a 1/4 tsp baking soda and it came out perfect! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  42. Emma says

    Hello, I LOVE this blog! And I also love the sound of this cake… but I don’t have a microwave. (I haven’t owned one in about 8 years!) I know this is going to sound really silly but I’m hoping someone on this thread will be able to help me with how long do you think it would take to cook this in an oven instead? I have little ramikens I could use instead of a mug. I know my question defeats the purpose of this quick ‘microwave cake’ (sorry!) but I just can’t stop thinking about eating a gooey yummy nutella cake… any ideas on how long it would take sans microwave? Thanks in advance!

  43. Z says

    I found this recipe through stumble upon on my iPod, and in an instance of 12 am munchies I decided to haphazardly try it out. Besides the fact that (I don’t think) I used the right flour AND that I didn’t mix it well enough (egg bits and cake do not mix well I assure you) it tuned out well! It could have been a desert for two in my opinion, but I ate all of it anyway. Regardless of all my mistakes it was delicious, and I’m sure next time, and the inevitable times after, it will be even better!

  44. Felix says

    I made one to your recipe but because my GF was so excited I had to improvise with things around the house! Ended up doing a Skippy Peanut Butter Mug Cake with a peanut Butter Sauce! Pretty Bloody Exciting!
    Got some pics on my blog if you like that sort of thing!

  45. K says

    This looks incredibly easy and delicious! The only problem is that a cup of mug cake contains around a 1000 calories, which is simply insane. I guess this isn’t something you should eat as a regular snack…

  46. Lindsay says

    I have made this 2 nights in a row!!! It is amazing it’s just like a chocolate lava cake!!! KUDOS to who ever came up with the recipe!!! I want to hug you haha but my stomach wants to punch you!!

  47. Kerstin says

    Thanks for the recipe – this was quick, easy and delicious. I replaced the oil with apple sauce and it still turned out all lovely and moist.

    I have to admit though that even my biggest coffee mug was stretched to the limit with the recipe. Might spread over two mugs next time round <3

  48. Casslyn says

    mine didnt end up so pretty as your’s :O instead it looked like a pile of *censored* ahahhaha :p but anyways it taste great!!

  49. adrienne says

    i just doubled this recipe and made my hubby an awesome birthday cake. i cooked it in a small casserole dish for probably 10 minutes and made a quick icing from powdered sugar, milk, creme of tartar, and a little nutella. it was a perfect little cake for just the two of us. YUMMY! thanks!

  50. Victoria says

    I just made this and I have to say it tastes pretty good! I may have added a dash to much cocoa powder since my cake tastes a wee bit bitter. Other than that it was very good. 😀

    • adrienne says

      i used a hot cocoa mix like swiss miss because i didn’t have any cocoa powder laying around. it’s already sweetened so if you use too much it won’t matter. :)

  51. Laura says

    Very nice!
    As i was making it though i quickly realised the ingredients only would actually over flow from my mug! And I was making two at the time! In the end twice the recipe made enough for 6 standard english mugs.
    Looks like we’ll be having this tomorrow and the day after too. : )

  52. Dizar Zabalegui Angel says

    Hi.. so.. my microwave is broken. And this makes me sad because this looks fabulous.. I have ceramic pots I could put in my oven but I’m not sure what the temperature and time needs would be.. Does anyone have a clue? xxx

  53. madison says

    I made two of these tonight. Absolutely wonderful. I also made one with out the chocolate and added some lemon for my mom who loves lemon. I will definitely be making this again.

  54. Sinamon says

    hiya, i was looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe for my school kids to make for their “cooking class” and found this to be perfect. quick question, though: how important is it to have “self-rising flour”? i don’t know how readily i can get that here (i am in a small town in south korea). i can get the rest of the ingredients easily and just regular flour. will that ruin this recipe? thanks so much!!

    • says

      Sinamon: Don’t worry! If you don’t have any self-rising flour on hand, you can make your own. It’s very easy.

      To make one cup of self-rising flour, mix together:

      • 1 cup of all-purpose flour
      • 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder
      • 1/2 teaspoon of salt

      • Sinamon says

        cliff – thank you so, so much. am a total noob when it comes to cooking/baking. the kids are gonna love doing this. thanks again!

  55. Charis says

    Just like to say I made this this morning and it was really good. Thanks for sharing. Your other recipes look good too!

  56. says

    This was insanely easy and the cleanup (worst part of cooking!) was very quick. It’s pretty good and INTENSELY moist. I think this has about 12oz of cake and maybe 50-60 grams of fat, so I wouldn’t call it single-serving, but it would be a nice hot fresh dessert after a dinner for two – one mug and two spoons in front of the fireplace, yeah? I wish I’d had cream around for fresh whipped cream… YUM!

  57. ffdarlings says

    I just made this! It turned out more like a mud cake than your picture, which I don’t mind at all :3 Thank you for the recipe!Your recipe was the best microwave cake recipe I’ve tried so far :)

  58. Em says

    I added 1tbls of peanut butter, just for a something a little extra. It turned out great. This was the fluffiest microwave cake I’ve ever tried.

  59. Yasmin says

    I tried it but with half of the ingredients (aside from the egg) an extra teaspoon or flour and an extra table spoon of sugar, and it turned out really well. I also didn’t leave it in the microwave that long and had the bottom slightly undercooked, which was great to mush up with the rest of the cake (:

  60. Becky says

    I’m eating this as I speak. I’ve always been a mug-cake skeptic but my words this is so good. Going in my list of recipes to take to Uni!

  61. melissa says

    I used a massive mug for this cake and it overflowed everywhere in my microwave. Not only that but after 5 minutes it still wasnt cooked. so now i have a raw cake thats half on the bottom of my microwave. Sweet tooth not satified and now i have a mess to clean. Wont use this again.

  62. Cella says

    Totally modified this recipe and just made it…despite my experimentation, it was a success! I can’t believe it.

    PS – if you don’t have self-rising flour, add a tsp of baking powder to help it puff up.

    Also, if you open the microwave and it deflates, it’s not done cooking. Add another 10-15 seconds until it remains puffed.

  63. Becca says

    Ok, I think your mugs must be the size of HUGE bowls because I just made this in a jug (changed 1 tbsp to 3 tsps as google instructed as I dont have the former) and it ended up making a whole jug of cake. Enough for 3 probably! I only ate about a third, but it really was delicious, especially with vanilla ice cream.

  64. Adrian Diaz says

    Kelly! I tried it out and cooked perfectly in 20 seconds. It is DELICIOUS. Moist and chocolatly! I dint have nutella so i melted chocolate. Ps: im 13 years old! It shows that this recipe is easy and tasty

  65. ilona says

    omg… I am from israel so forgive me for any English mistakes… but I just tried it out… I had no rising flour so I used all purpose flour… I had no cocoa powder so I used cinamon and coffee powder insted and the outcome was just amazing really! and I have to say that at 22 years old this is absolutly the first cake I have ever done…
    so I am so excited!!!

  66. Abi and Tasha says

    Must try this recipe. DELICIOUS!!!
    We melted some more nutella on the top as soon as we got it out of the microwave.

  67. andrea says

    I have made this recipe twice the first time with nutella, very good! and the second time i did not have nutella at home so I did it with peanut butter and it was delicious! with nutella is better and sweatter but with peanut butter it works just the same.

  68. Torun says

    Cake worked out all right, but how on earth do people manage to eat one portion? I barely managed to finish a fourth.

  69. Natasha says

    WOW!!! just made this and it’s absolutely amazing!! had to split the mixture into two mugs half way through making it as it was over flowing but still turned out delicious :D, thankyou :)

    • c.g.k says

      you can use hot chocolate but you might want to use a little less sugar as hot chocolate mix is usually sweeter than cocoa powder

  70. Kelvin says

    Tried this for the first time and it turned out great! Perhaps I could have added more sugar as it wasn’t sweet enough. Also, it turned out rather dry after a while. Anyone knows what I should have done? It was done in 1.5 minutes to perfection, just like the picture! I dont have a measuring spoon so I used a normal spoon instead and estimated.

  71. Fadi Serhal says

    Hi Kelly,

    Now in my mind is a question: Why in the hell they dont teach us these easy recipes back in culinary school? :p hehehe
    I Have a pastry dedicated shop & i serve lots & lots of desserts, but ur recipe somehow came as a breath of fresh air, I twisted the recipe a bit actually, i added fresh raspberries inside the mug & added white & milk chocolate chips! I replaced the whipped cream with vanilla Ice Cream & im serving it in a bigger mug, a really large one!
    Customers are loving it, it somehow came 3rd in our items ranking of last week! Hurray
    I’ll be definitely be sending you pictures of how the recipe came out.


  72. Dee says

    hi, i just found this recipe… and wanna try this 😀 this recipe use special heat resistant mugs or regular mugs? thank you…

  73. Francisco says

    Hi, how are you?

    That nutella mug cake looks delicious, but what if i want to make it bigger? i mean, can i use the same ingredients and proportionally rise the amount of them? or is there any recipe for it?

    thank you so much for this post.

  74. Abigail says

    What exactly is “high” heat? I want to try this recipe out but on my microwave, I either have to use deg celcius/deg F or percentages of heat upto 1500%. What do I do?

  75. Chris says

    This looks incredibly delicious, but I ran it through the calculator at and it is a DISASTER… one serving contains 1085 calories!!

  76. YS says

    I made one using this recipe just a few minutes ago. Great and easy~ Might go and experiment with it another time.

    For the overflowing part, it helps to just watch over it then pause the cooking to let it set, then resume, as mentioned in the earlier comments. It was fun to see it rise so high, though. XD

  77. REbecca says

    How the heck do you eat it without burning the heck out of your tounge!!
    I also put mine in a clear glass “mug” one might use for beer or ice tea, the kind with glass indents like polka dots. It was perfect but I may have gone too long at 2 minutes, it was all cake and no gooey middle. I wondered if you put Nutella in the center?, Because, I mixed the egg, oil, milk and Nutella well and added it to the dry ingredients. This made a nice cake, other than my otunge is very raw.

  78. Aricia Van Cake says

    I made this once but one of the first things I did was mix the egg with flour, my cake came out a little chunky because of the egg, now in every bite you have a little piece of egg… You could barely taste it so it’s no big deal…

  79. Anna Clarke says

    Very nice, very easy to make, I made it with halving the ingredients for a smaller portion, more than enough if you want a small snack, I cooked it for 1 minute instead as there was less of it and still came out nice and moist!

  80. sonyaq says

    Awesome! sub 2 egg whites for the egg, and use 2 tbsps no fat sour cream instead of 2 of the tbsps of oil and it is soooooo good! And if you dont have self rising flour, just add 1/4 tsp baking powder

  81. Emma K says

    I loved this recipe! i reduced the cocoa to about 1 1/2 Tablespoon and added unsweetened chocolate in its place. I also reduced the egg and oil to 2 1/2. So chocolaty and super yummy! Thanks!

  82. Natalie says

    I made it, but it came out really bad and disgusting, I substituted the vegetable oil for banana’s but it still came out disgusting, the smell made my head hurt and I felt like throwing up.

  83. Eleanor Jacobson says

    I made this for me and my sister tonight. It was so delicious!!! It wasn’t too dry or too heavy which I was very surprised by. To me it had the beautiful texture and flavor of a classic British pudding, which I adore being the anglophile I am. After we tried the original recipe(it was amazing), we made another using chocolate chips and it tasted fabulous without making the flavor too redundant. I sincerely recommend it!
    Thank you so much for what you do. You and a few other food bloggers/chefs bring that special something to the food community that I just love!

  84. Susan says

    I made this with my daughter. It tastes good but there are 803 calories in this for 1 serving! I did not eat all of this. In face my daughter I only split half and I threw away the rest. I would cut back on sugar or even use stevia. Maybe use almond milk and cut back on the oil.

  85. RTS says

    okay so i filled my mug half way with the batter and now my microwave looks like satan took a shit in it, also it have a weird taste to it

  86. Pat says

    Really easy mug cake: In a large bowl, mix one (1) one-step angel food cake mix and your choice of any flavor regular cake mix. Stir the 2 mixes until well blended and store in an air tight container. When you want a quick dessert, mix 1/3 cup of the dry mix and 3 Tablespoons water in a small micro safe bowl or coffee mug. Bake in microwave for 1 minute. Add pudding, frosting, cool whip or ice cream, if desired. Enjoy!

    • Becky says

      Pat, I’ve used this recipe before… it’s AWESOME! I totally love it… and it’s SOOO easy. (don’t forget to spray the mug!)

  87. says

    I LOVE Nutella and this is amazing! I have a recipe for quick nutella brownies but at least with this you can whip it up quickly for one! Will be trying that this weekend, thanks!

  88. Becky says

    I made this is a pint jar and it was enough for three generous adult servings. I cooked it too long and it was a little dry, but IF SHARING a cake I would make again… Thanks.

  89. kat says

    ive tried making this just now. it turned out good eventhough i have to pause it every time its starting to rose out of the mug. mine cooked in 2 minutes. my cake texture turned out sort of spongy but also cakey. yeah, both. is it normal or is it just mine turned out like that? also, i added a dollop of nutella into the mixture and then straight to the microwave. it actually edible and nice though. oh and the dollop of nutella kind of melt at the bottom which is soooo nice. thanks for the recipe! rate : 9/10.

  90. jaynee alanis says

    hey i absolutely loved this it was so easy and delicious i will definitely be making this again thanks

  91. Shelby says

    I made this today for the 2nd time, however I halved everything and substituted the sugar for stevia . It tasted great and filled up my mug perfectly.

  92. Samynca says

    Wow. It exploded all over my microwave! There was literally more on the glass turntable than in the mug!
    Delish though :-)

  93. laura says

    i tried this but didn’t have cocoa powder so I used nesquik hot chocolate powder instead and it turned out great but very sweet. This recipe is amazing used it more than once already

  94. Amber Howard says

    This did not work :( It exploded all over my microwave, and is inedible because it didn’t cook properly. I was really looking forward to that, but all it did was wasted the last of my ingredients. Pease tell me what I did wrong somebody! I followed the recipe exactly!!!

  95. Nicole says

    I never actually make any of these recipes in my mugs because my mugs always get overflowed and messy so i have this designated plastic bowl i made it in. It expanded to the size of the bowl which is great because now its a four piece share instead of a mug. I took half to work. It came out firm and chocolatey i loved it. I wish there were more recipes i could do.

  96. Barbara says

    Oh how delicious! Had some replacing to do, used the Hot Cocoa mix for my Keurig coffee maker – because I had no other cocoa, turned out fantastic :) My 16 yo son and my 11 yo daughter smelled it and came to make their own. It was was great and we had a lot of fun :) Thanks a lot!

  97. Camila says

    Let me tell my story. I was making this mug cake today, it was already when I realized… my mircrowave wasn’t working. I was definitely not going to waste all that delicious nutella. So what I did, I made another recipe and put both in a small pot and put on the regular oven for about 15-20min. IT.WAS.AMAZING. crunchy and super tasty, so here’s an option for someone with a broken microwave like myself. :) Just don’t waste that nutella!

  98. Kristin says

    HEY LADIES!!!!

    If are looking for something a little different with this cake (or like myself have run out of cocoa powder)….use powdered peanut butter!!! Just sub the same amount in it.

    OMG it’s amazing!

  99. Sophie says

    Hi do you think you could do this in an oven as i have just moved house and dont yet have a microwave! I just really love this recipe and want to make asap

  100. Samantha says

    Honestly this kind of gave me a stomachs ache it barley tasted like chocolate its a good idea but I didon’t like it at all

  101. Maha says

    Hey…um…this is awesome…um…I was wondering…um…can I make it in an oven..?? I asked hundreds of people before, but I didn’t get an answer… :(


  1. […] é: bolo de caneca de Nutella, feito em menos de 10min e com a ajuda do microonadas. Vamos ficar obesos? VAMOS! Mas o que importa é ser feliz e Nutella é basicamente felicidade num potinho. […]

  2. […] I substituted the new Almond Chocolate goo from Trader Joe’s and it’s a WINNER! 4 Tablespoons self rising flour (I made my own by adding 1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder to 1 c. flour) 4 Tablespoons sugar 1 egg 3 Tablespoons cocoa powder 3 Tablespoons Nutellla or other chocolate goo 3 Tablespoons milk (I used goat) 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil (I’ll try coconut oil next time)Combine all ingrediants in a large coffee mug, I used a Starbucks 16 oz. mug. Whisk well with a fork until smooth. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 – 3 minutes (mine took 2). Top with whipped cream if you’re so inclined. I put on a scoop of vanilla ice cream made with coconut milk instead of cream since dairy and I aren’t friends. YUM! What separates this recipe from the others I’ve tried is the oil. That and the Nutella goo makes this about as good as you’re going to get especially if you NEED cake NOW. You’re welcome : ) And don’t ask me about calories or carbs, if you have to ask that question then this isn’t the droid you’re looking for. Source […]

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