Stuffed Artichokes

Just in the past few years have I started to eat artichokes.  I started by trying spinach artichoke dip. Pretty safe, you can hardly even see or taste the artichokes in all that cheese. I liked the dip so next I moved on to linguine with artichokes. This pasta uses canned artichoke hearts, which in my mind is safer then a whole artichoke. The entire heart is edible, I didn’t have to worry about pointy leaves or the “choke.” I mean what the heck is a choke, anyway? I loved the pasta so I decided it was time for the real thing. A whole artichoke. I was scared.

We made these artichokes for Father’s day this year. My family loves stuffed artichokes but we do not eat them very often. I knew there was a lot of prep work for artichokes but I was not prepared for the “choke.” Cut the stems off, easy. Trim the pointy leaves, easy. Cut the tops off, easy. Remove the choke. Huh? I started scraping at the center and all these little furry hairs came out. Yuck. Plus those little leaf things are sharp! After complaining for awhile, and trying to get someone else to remove the chokes, I finally got down to business and removed those chokes. All I could think was, these better be worth all this work! And they were. The leaves were tender and meaty and had plenty of bread crumbs too. I will definitely be making these again but I may have to search for artichokes with the chokes already removed.

Here is what you'll need

Remove the stem

Trim the pointy leaves; be careful they are sharp.

Cut off the top of the artichoke

Do your best to remove the choke

Combine the bread crumbs, garlic and cheese

Add some salt and pepper

Add the juice of 1 lemon and the olive oil

Stir to combine

Stuff the artichokes

Place them in a large pot

Add the water

Now, if only they came without the choke....


  1. Kathy says

    Thank you so much for such detailed descriptions and pictures. I’ve been wanting to make artichokes for some time but am completely inexperienced in how to pick good artichokes and certainly on how to clean them out. I’ve studied so many different pictures and still couldn’t figure things out. The way you have done this is amazing and now I’m ready to finally try artichokes!! Thanks again!!

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