Captain and Cherry Coke Float

Kara, Cliff and I have recently taken up bike riding. And so far I’ve only fallen off 1 time. Not bad! After a sweaty and grueling 25 mile bike ride (or 5-7 miles, but who’s counting?) uphill BOTH WAYS there is nothing better than a cold scoop of ice cream. Or is there?

Enter the ice cream float. It definitely beats an ordinary scoop of ice cream. Blah. Plus it’s a refreshing treat after a workout, even if it does cancel out the workout!  I have been wanting to make what I call an “adult float” for a long time. You know…a float…but with alcohol. It’s pretty much all I talked about for almost a month straight! I brainstormed for awhile, consulted a few friends and finally went for it. Mission accomplished!

I decided on a Captain and Cherry Coke Float mainly because I was certain it would be a great combination. Ice cream, Cherry Coke and Captain…what’s not to like?! Maybe not the most creative float out there, but a delicious one and that’s what matters! I basically made this up as I went along. 3 scoops of ice cream sounded good. And I figured a shot glass or 2 of Captain. I’m really glad I started with 1 shot glass because it was actually pretty strong. Good. But strong!

Because this float was such a tasty success I now want to try more! And as soon as possible. Probably after my next bike ride. Does anyone have any fun float suggestions?

Here's what you'll need

Start with 3 scoops or so of vanilla ice cream

And a shot of Captain

And then Cherry Coke. It's as easy as that!

We topped ours off with a maraschino cherry...the perfect touch!

It's as delicious as it looks, I could just dive in and drink the whole float!


  1. says

    Was your bike ride up hill, both ways IN THE SNOW??? I kid I kid, I’m turning into my father, of dear. Ok, this little gem looks OUTSTANDING!!!! Perfect rain, or shine, bike ride or no bike ride.

    • says

      No snow…but probably 160 degrees or more. JK! There weren’t hills either, I was just trying to justify indulging in this float! 😉

  2. says

    This is a great idea! I know this may sound like a weird mix, but try root beer and Southern Comfort! One summer during college that was all we had by the end of the night, so we gave it a try. The robust flavors of each compliment each other well! I will be giving that a try soon! I’m also planning on making a “grown up” milk shake this weekend, so you should check it out!

    Love your site!

  3. Mason Collins says

    You should try rootbeer and whipped cream flavored vodka with vanilla ice cream. It’s great.


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