Halloween Oreos

I know we’ve posted some easy recipes in the past, but this may be the easiest one yet! I’ve seen chocolate dipped Oreos at candy stores before but I had never had one. Until Now! Homemade is always better. Period. We made these in all of 5 minutes and they tasted great! You can’t go wrong with chocolate dipped Oreos, can you?

Initially we wanted to make pops out of these. That didn’t work so well because the dipped Oreo was too heavy and it fell apart on the stick. Shorter sticks probably would have worked. But it was a good idea in theory. Hey…you win some, you lose some. I still think this recipe was a success. The Oreos tasted great and the Halloween sprinkles made them fun and festive. These would be fun to make with kids or to serve at a Halloween party.

On a separate note my BFF Jen is getting married tomorrow. I’m having trouble concentrating on this post right now because I am so excited for the wedding. Jen I can’t believe you’re going to have a hubby!! I’ve known you forever…from memories of our first sleepover at age 4(??) to memories of our apartment on Damen at age 24. Good times always. But I think this wedding will be the best memories so far. Congrats Jen and Anth!!

Note: The recipe below is a guideline. I didn’t note measurements because it all depends on how many Oreos you want to make.

Here's what you'll need. We didn't end up using the sticks

All you do is dip and sprinkle!

One of the simplest desserts you can make...and one of the cutest too :)



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