Pumpkin Carving Contest

Happy Halloween!! Did you go trick-or-treating? Or to a costume party? Any creative costumes? If you celebrated, then you’re lucky! I moved over the weekend so I spent the entire weekend unpacking, cleaning and organizing. I think I’m about 90% done. I did have time to carve pumpkins though! We would never miss out on that…it’s tradition. Each year we have a friendly pumpkin carving contest and we ask my parents to judge. They of course say they’re all winners, but deep down I know mine are the best. Well…maybe not this year.
Anyways, we’re hoping you can help us decide the winner this year. I’m not going to say who did what but I will tell you that the carvers are me, Kara, Cliff and my mom. Please comment and let us know!

My dad's job was to cut out the tops

Some of us used stencils

Whoever did this one could only handle the simplest stencil in the book :-/

And one of us was creative with cockroaches

This overachiever finished in 10 minutes





Happy Halloween!


  1. Kristy says

    number two! number three is particularly intricate, though i can’t tell what it is!

    much better than mine…i tried the scream face, but i couldn’t get round edges to save my ilfe!

    • says

      #3 is a haunted house with a ghost in the middle. Cliff was afraid #3 would be serious competition so he took the worst possible pic of it. This contest is fixed.

      • says

        The statement above is completely false and it looks as though someone is getting a little upset about the lack of votes they are receiving. I guess since nobody else is willing, I cast my vote for #3. The very pumpkin that even the squirrels could not stand to look at and subsequently ate it in it’s sad entirety.

  2. says

    Everyone, here is the mid-day totals: #1 so far has zero total votes, #2 is currently in the lead with 6 votes, #3 has received 1 vote (by me), and #4, although having one tooth completely held up by toothpicks thanks to and because of my help, is tied for second place with 1 vote (by Kel).

    Voting ends at 11:59 PM cst.

  3. Georgeen says

    I vote for #4. Clearly it is the result of pure creativity without the aid of stencils. Kind of like tracing was frowned upon in art class! And the roaches creep me out…

    • says

      Haha!! What’s funny is that one started with a stencil. But the stencil was not followed and the sad little pumpkin ended up with an enormous mouth and teeth that fell out!!!! But i think hes cute. Thanks for the vote!! :-)

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