Carrot and Ginger Salad Dressing

My family and I have been going to a restaurant called Kampai for as long as I can remember. It’s a Japanese restaurant where the chefs cook in front of you…and it’s one of my favorite restaurants. In recent years, the restaurant has been attracting some…suspect characters…ones who bring their own cans of Pepsi in a plastic Jewel bag, for example. Or a group who orders basically everything off the menu then leaves with 99% leftovers. Who does that?? But after a few giggles and whispers from my family and me we begin what we set out to do. Pig out!

Besides the soup, shrimp flambe appetizer, vegetables, rice, meat and ice cream dessert, we also get a salad. And surprisingly the salad is one of my favorite parts! Actually every part is my favorite…except the shrimp, which I give to my mom and sis. This salad is an ordinary lettuce salad made extraordinary with the AMAZING dressing. For the longest time we had no idea what was in it…we just knew it was good.

When we found this recipe we felt confident that it was the dressing we had fallen in love with at Kampai. Same orangey color, and I was positive that ginger was the ingredient I wasn’t able to place all those times I had it previously. Lucky for us, this dressing was spot on! It totally lived up to my expectations. I am so excited that we found this recipe because I will definitely be making it all the time.

Here's what you'll need. Forgot to picture the olive oil, sorry guys

In a food processor pulse carrot, shallot and ginger

Add the sesame oil, miso and rice wine vinegar then pulse again

Slowly pour in the olive oil and water while continuing to pulse

Toss together romaine, cucumber and red cabbage

This dressing brought Kampai to me!


  1. Krista says

    Oh My god…I am sooooo excited to make this! I also love kampai and their salads. Next you have to come up with the spicy garlic breadding they make for their shrimp. Oh I am excited. I know what I am making for dinner. Thanks for posting!


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