Broccoli and Mushroom Risotto

I have to admit, I am pretty excited about our post today.  In the 1 year + that we have been blogging many ideas have popped into my head. Some good, some bad. Some work, most don’t. There have been many, many fails. But occasionally I do get an idea that actually works. Thank God, I think Cliff would kill me if we had to admit to another fail. I must say I am pretty proud of myself for this one. There are many things we have made in the past year that we just love. Then we forget about them and never make them again. This is not one of those recipes. This is something that I will make over and over again. For me risotto is the ultimate comfort food. Well, risotto and macaroni and cheese. And this recipe is kind of a combination of the two.

Growing up, broccoli rice casserole was a staple at family gatherings. Actually, it still is. It is something that I have thought about putting on the blog before. However I just can’t bring myself to post something with ingredients like a jar of Velveeta cheese and canned mushrooms. Again, I was worried I would lose all street cred with those kinds of ingredients. Instead of scraping it altogether I decided to update the ol’ broccoli rice casserole. Instead of using minute rice I used Arborio rice. Instead of canned mushrooms I used fresh. Instead of a jar of Velveeta cheese I made my own cheese sauce. And you know what? It wasn’t even much more difficult to make.

This risotto tastes just like the casserole I grew up eating, only better. It is more vegetable and less rice. And I used fresh ingredients. I also prefer not to call it casserole. Many times casseroles are absolute nightmares. You just never know what is in them! If you are looking for a great dish to make for Easter or to bring to a potluck I hope you give this a try. Feel free to change up the vegetables if broccoli and mushrooms aren’t  your thing. Asparagus, peppers, zucchini… there is no limit to the possible combinations!

Here is what you'll need

Prepare the veggies

Saute the veggies with a little olive oil

Chop up the shallot and garlic

Add the shallots and garlic to the saucepan and heat until fragrant. Add the arborio rice.

Keep adding chicken broth 1/2 a cup at a time until the risotto is cooked. Season with salt and pepper.

In another saucepan melt the butter

Add the flour and whisk until smooth

Add the milk and whisk some more

Add the cheese

Whisk until smooth

Add the veggies and the cheese sauce to the risotto and stir well

It is like the fancy version of Velveeta shells n' cheese!


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