Cinnamon Sugar Marshmallow Crescent Roll Cupcakes

I am going to take a little walk down memory lane today. Indulge me. When I was in junior high we had to take home economics for 1 quarter. Lets just say that the junior high Kara was not the baker/cook/seamstress that the current day Kara is. I remember for one of our sewing projects we had to make either an Esprit style bag or a duffel bag. For whatever reason, I chose duffel. Yeah, that was a disaster! Ha, I am pretty sure that someone else completed that project for me. I wish I could show you some of my college sewing projects. Ha! What a laugh! Anyway, one of the cooking projects we made in home-ec were these crescent roll cupcakes. I remember in junior high thinking they were just the best thing ever! 4 years later when Kelly was in junior high, Mrs. Shetzley’s home-ec class was still cranking them out.

Obviously, these made quite an impression on Kelly and I. I know we have some readers from Holmes Junior High here; tell me you remember these?? We can’t be the only ones. We made these long after we left junior high but it had been awhile since we made them. We decided to go for it this past weekend. Now, I have to be honest. Our palettes have become more mature and refined since junior high. We now only eat Vienna beef hot dogs and not Ballpark or Oscar Meyer. These might not make the best dessert for adults but they are still perfect for kids. This would be a great little project to do with young kids. They require minimal dishes and its a really easy clean-up!

Here is what you'll need

Dip the marshmallows in the melted butter

Then the cinnamon/sugar mixture

Place the marshmallow in the center of the crescent roll

Wrap it up tight and seal the edges

Dip the whole thing in butter

Place in the cupcake pan and bake for about 14 minutes

They should be lightly browned and oozing marshmallow

Brings me right back to junior high


  1. Carolyn says

    Of course I remember those!! I remember them being SO good. Was there cinnamon sugar on the top of the crescent as well? I wonder whatever happened to my home ec made locker caddy?? And I still remember going to Joann’s (or some fabric store) with you to pick out fabric for those Espirit / duffel bags. I opted for the Espirit bag. :-)

  2. Holly says

    OMG the bags. Mine had Animaniacs on it, and I’m pretty sure we both had some help from Alicia…and maybe her mom. I have no recollection of these rolls, but they look pretty awesome!

    • says

      I totally remember your bag. And I do believe that Mrs. Dawson finished Alicia’s. I think that Alpina did mine. I cant believe you don’t remember these crescent roll things. Carolyn and I used to make them all the time!


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