Lemon-Lime Puppy Chow

I never make Puppy Chow simply because it’s the type of snack that I cannot resist. I’ll eat a handful every time I’m in the kitchen or walking by the kitchen or can find any excuse to visit the kitchen…that’s how addicting I find it. So naturally when Kara threw out the idea of Lemon-Lime Puppy Chow I agreed against my better judgement.

We had seen this Puppy Chow all over Pinterest and knew it would be great. I mean…what’s not to like? We did lemon-lime instead of just lemon and Kara thought it tasted like Sprite. I just thought it tasted delicious, and equally as addicting as traditional Puppy Chow. This is a fun and easy recipe to make for kids. There aren’t any kids in our family but sometimes we eat like kids. We scarfed down this bag faster than you can say Puppy Chow.

Here's what you'll need. Clearly we used generic cereal. Ha!

Pour cereal into a large bowl and set aside

Put chocolate chips, butter, zest and juices in a microwave safe bowl

Microwave and stir until smooth

Pour over the cereal

Stir carefully to combine

Pour the cereal into a Ziploc bag, add the confectioners' sugar and seal bag

Shake Shake Shake

Dump onto a lined baking sheet to dry/set

Great for snacking!!!


  1. KT says

    This looks amazing! we call this “white trash” in GA…but the lemon lime sounds like an even better flavor!

  2. Chris says

    The white trash I’m used to consists of white chocolate covered pretzels, m&ms, peanuts, chex. The puppy chow I grew up on was the original chocolate peanut butter flavored ones. I’ve never heard of these lemon/lime ones till today. I’ll definitely save this recipe for the holidays.

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