Beet, Butternut Squash, and Spinach Salad

Following a vacation that included 2 Thanksgiving dinners, constant snacking, excessive drinking and enough football to induce reality TV withdrawals I am in desperate need of spinach and beet detox. Enter this salad.

Until recently I had never had beets. I wasn’t even sure what they were. I think beets are overlooked by many people, not only us. Our friends Amanda and Kyle, who we saw over Thanksgiving in California, told us about beets. Apparently it’s a food they eat regularly. Who knew? Also, I’m watching RHOBH (along with The Voice and Teen Mom 2…finally!) as I type and the girls just ordered beet salads in Ojai. Maybe beets are trending right now?

We prepared our beets in a salad along with butternut squash, then we added goat cheese for creaminess, pistachios for crunch and bacon…well because bacon was necessary. It ended up being a colorful salad and I felt good about eating it. Personally, I thought the beets tasted like water chestnuts. They are definitely a food that you can slip into salads and not even realize they’re there. I’m not picturing beets becoming a food that I crave anytime in the near future but I am intrigued enough to try them again and to look for other ways to prepare them.

Here’s what you’ll need

Coat butternut squash in olive oil and lay on a baking sheet

Beets too

Roast for 30 minutes

Meanwhile, pan fry some bacon

Whisk together the dressing ingredients; set aside.

Toss everything together and serve. Nice and light for post Thanksgiving




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