Rainbow Jello with Ice Cream

In continuing with my 50’s housewife theme we have Jello for you today. Do people still make Jello? My family has 4 Jello recipes that we keep in rotation. Rainbow Jello with ice cream, pistachio jello, lemon jello, and my favorite: strawberry pretzel Jello. Do you guys remember the old Bill Cosby Jello commercials? I cannot say the word Jello without thinking of those commercials.

Here is one for your viewing pleasure

We almost always have some kind of Jello for Thanksgiving. Are we alone in this or do you guys have Jello for Thanksgiving too? And we usually serve it with the main course as a “salad.” How Jello can be considered a salad I will never know. Anyway, this is a classic Jello recipe. Kelly’s roommate, Alana, suggested adding fruit to it. So we added mandarin oranges to the orange layer and strawberries to the strawberry layer. I gave it a lot of thought and decided the best order is orange on the bottom, then green, then yellow, and finally strawberry on top. If you are looking for a “salad” recipe for Thanksgiving this would be a great one! Ha! Or maybe just call it Jello! J-E-L-L-O!

Here is what you’ll need + water

Dissolve the jello in boiling water and add the cold water

Add the oranges if you want

Stir in the ice cream and pour into a 9×13 dish

Spread on a layer of sour cream (this is optional)

Continue with the other layers

I don’t know where the yellow layer went. You can barely see it! I promise it is there though!


  1. theycallmered says

    Up until today I was sure that my family was the only family to make this crazy recipe. People always love it but get a bit turned off/confused when you tell them what’s in it.

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