Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery – 3 Ways

Cream Cheese Stuffed Celery 3 I tried to stay on topic and think of something fascinating to write about celery. But…The Voice trumps celery no matter how good the recipe. It just does. A new season of The Voice just started in case you haven’t already heard. I’m catching up on the past two days of auditions as I type and so far I’m not impressed. #McKaylaMaroney

The Johnny Cash duo is kinda fun and I am semi into the Joan Osbourne girl…but overall I feel just…meh. Did I miss or overlook somebody amazing? Are there more auditions to come or is this what we’re working with this season?!

Whenever I watch TV I always feel like snacking…especially during The Voice because it’s TWO hours, TWO nights per week! My go-to snack is Ants on a Log. It’s actually my all time favorite snack. The celery/pb/raisin combination will always be my favorite, but recently I was craving something different. Kara and I experimented and found different ingredients to mix with cream cheese for a totally different take on stuffed celery. Each filling is different and delicious. This is an easy snack to make for yourself when gearing up for a night in front of the TV, or as an appetizer that people will scarf down.

Here's what you'll need

Here’s what you’ll need


Basically you divide the cream cheese into thirds, plop it in separate bowls and have fun stirring stuff in


I love celery snacks! Delish!


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