Crab Legs

Crab Legs recipe pictures

For Mother’s Day this year we had a really nice dinner with my family. We were celebrating not only my Mom but the fact that I was about to become a mom myself. Baby post coming soon! But most importantly, we just wanted an excuse to make lots of tasty food. For dinner we made, King crab legs, potato croquettes, a nice salad, pasta, and eclair cake (recipe coming tomorrow). My family just loves to eat! And cook. But mostly eat. Alaskan king crab legs have long been one of my favorite foods. I don’t mess around with that snow crab. Only Alaskan king crab for me. We used to find them on sale pretty often but I haven’t seen a good sale in ages. These were $13.99 a pound which is the best I’ve seen lately so we decided to do it. My parents always say that one of their biggest mistakes was letting me taste their crab legs one night. I think the story goes something like, I ended up eating all the crab legs and one of my parents got stuck with my “kids meal.” Bad move Mom and Dad. I have expensive taste.

Where we live, the midwest, truly fresh seafood is rarely available. It is almost always frozen. The only crab legs I have ever seen available in the store are precooked frozen crab legs. To some of you who live in places where fresh crab is available this is probably not a good recipe. But for the rest of us who cannot get really fresh seafood this works just fine. I promise they taste amazing. Crab legs seem like one of those foods that would be difficult to make. At least I would think so. But these really couldn’t be any easier and I do not think they could be any tastier. The idea is to cook them from frozen and steam them. As the crab legs defrost the water steams them so you do not have to add water to the pans. It is really that easy! I like to eat my crab legs with melted butter but they really don’t need anything.

Crab Legs recipe pictures

Here is what you’ll need

Crab Legs recipe pictures

Add the crab legs to the lined baking sheet

Crab Legs recipe pictures

Tent with foil and bake

Crab Legs recipe pictures

I promise, it really is that easy!


  1. AmyCK says

    I think it’s almost impossible to get fresh, unfrozen Alaskan crab, other than an episode of Deadliest Catch – I think it’s frozen pretty soon after catching, since it doesn’t travel well. I have no idea where I read that though.

    This looks easier than my usual method of steaming, since I can never find a pot big enough to really fit the legs without massive foil tenting on top – thanks for sharing!

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