Garden Update 2013

Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures

As I mentioned in my earlier post Cliff and I planted another garden this year. Last year was our first garden and I think we really went for it. We built our bed last year and it has held up well for this year. Here is the post about building the garden bed. Last year we planted:

4 tomato plants
4 pepper plants
2 pickles
1 zucchini
1 celery
1 broccoli
1 cauliflower
2 pole beans
1 popcorn
2 mint
3 basil
1 lemon tree

The tomato plants did great. They were huge. I had to buy 10 foot stakes to keep them from toppling over and even those were too short. But we had more tomatoes then we knew what to do with. 3 of 4 pepper plants did great, but again, more peppers than we knew what to do with. 1 pickle did great, 1 died. Zucchini-dead. Celery, grew but didn’t taste very good. Broccoli and Cauliflower- infested with ugly worms. I tore those out real quick. The pole beans did really well, unfortunately, I didn’t like the way they tasted. The skin was too thick. The popcorn did pretty good but I never actually made any popcorn. Y ou have to let the cobs dry out so I just left them there. And well, that was the end of that. Strawberries didn’t doo too much. I got a few small berries. The mint grew like crazy but I didn’t really use it. It smelled nice though. The basil also did well but I only used the regular basil and the lemon basil. Never did find a lot of uses for the cinnamon basil.

Kelly and I bought my Mom a meyer lemon tree for Mother’s day last year and I bought myself one at the same time. In our climate the tree can stay outside in the summer but must be brought in once it gets cold. We haven’t gotten any lemons yet but my Mom has one huge one on her tree and I have 5 decent sized lemons. I still have high hopes for those trees.

So, back to this year. What did we plant?

Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures


Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures

And peppers!

1 San Marzano tomato
1 Cherry tomato
1 banana pepper
1 jalapeno pepper
2 pickles
1 cucumber
1 brussel sprout
1 basil
1 cilantro
1 rosemary
Meyer lemon tree

What came back?

All of the strawberry plants came back from last year and 1 mint plant. And of course the lemon.

Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures

Here are the strawberries from last year

I am hoping this year that I won’t be overwhelmed by tomatoes and peppers. And I hope we got lots and lots of pickles, cause those were my favorite last year. I am still considering planing a small watermelon plant and some dill. We will see if I can find the room.

Here are some other pretty pictures of our yard just for kicks

Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures


Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures

Pretty yellow bird in the bird bath

Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures

The birdhouse I just bought Cliff

Garden Update 2013 recipe pictures

And just because I think this view of the bridge is pretty

What did you plant this year?


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    Kara, I never have luck with the cailiflower either only one yr did i get beautiful heads mostly ugly worms like you discribed but i think you should rethink the brocoli. I know how you love it. and it produces and produces. Arnie just keeps picking it. after the 1st original large crown.. DON’t Pull the plant you will just get floretts but they keep coming and coming.. trust me on this one you want to plant brocoli.. Love Aunt Kathy

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