No Bake Turkey Cookies

No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures

My friend Julie. I’ve known this girl for 25 years (give or take). She’s a friend, a teacher, a worker outter and a status updater. But… she’s not really a baker. I’ve known her my whole life so I’m allowed to poke fun! These cute No Bake Turkey Cookies are inspired by Juls.

It’s possible that I’m wrong and Julie bakes and cooks all the time, but I have never witnessed it. Over the summer, she made these flip flop cookies out of nutter butters and brought them to like…50 parties. They are a nutter butter cookie with a swipe of frosting to form the thong part of the sandal. She always served these proudly on a coordinating flip flop platter. And I am like Juls! Are you serious? The nutter butter cookies again?!

So I told her I was going to use her go to nutter butter cookie and show up those flip flops! Kara and I decided to get festive and make turkeys. They took about 5 minutes to construct and they would make perfect decorative accents on cookie trays for Thanksgiving.

Beat this Juls!!

No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures

Here’s what you’ll need (we actually swapped the confectioners sugar, butter & milk…for white choc)

No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures

Lay 6 mini fudge stripe cookies and add dots of white chocolate on the inside edge of each one

No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures

Gently press a nutter butter (or body of your turkey) in the center of the 6 cookies

No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures

Now for the eyes, nose and gobble

No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures

Gobble Gobble!

No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures
No Bake Turkey Cookies
No Bake Turkey Cookies recipe pictures
Yields 6
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  1. 6 Nutter Butters
  2. 36 Mini Fudge Stripe cookies
  3. 12 mini M&M's, brown
  4. 6 mini M&M's, orange
  5. 6 dried cranberries
  6. 2 ounces white chocolate almond bark
  1. Place the dried cranberries, M&Ms and nutter butters in separate piles so they are ready to grab. Once the chocolate is melted you'll need to move fast.
  2. For each turkey, lay out 2 lines of 3 fudge stripe cookies each.
  3. Using a double boiler, melt the white chocolate, stirring constantly, until smooth. Transfer the chocolate to a small ziploc bag and snip off one corner. Squeeze out a small amount of white chocolate onto the inner egde of each fudge stripe cookie. Quickly but gently press down the nutter butter in the centers, on top of the 'glue'.
  4. Now use the 'glue' to add dots for eyes, nose and mouth on the nutter butter. We used 2 brown M&Ms for the eyes, 1 orange M&M for the nose and a vertically placed dried cranberry for the mouth thingy.
  5. Let the cookies set for about 30 minutes so that the white chocolate hardens.
  1. By the way...what are those red things called on turkeys?!
Adapted from a Live Love Pasta original
Adapted from a Live Love Pasta original


  1. Julie says

    HAHA, I feel so honored to have finally gotten a shout-out!! This literally made my week. Nutter Butters are essential for every holiday.

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