Glitter Spoons DIY

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

I am so excited to share this DIY project with you guys! If you’re looking for a homemade Christmas gift that you can give to friends, co-workers, neighbors, mom’s club ladies, or book club members then look no further. These spoons are super cute, simple to make, creative and thoughtful. I am totally in love.

Have you ever started a DIY project that just I think we’ve had a few of those. Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures What about some success stories?  Hearing DIY projects that turn out, even for beginner crafters, motivate me to try more and more! This project went smoothly, on the first try no less. Never mind the previous DIY’s that looked easy peasy but were not…like that darn headboard I started a year and a half ago. Drats. Kara and I bought a bunch of spoons from Amazon and finished this whole DIY project in 1 afternoon. And they turned out so cute…even on our first try!!


Here are the links to all the products we used:

Martha Stewart decoupage glue
Martha Stewart glitter, 24 pack

Wooden Spoons

Let’s get started! Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

Here’s what you’ll need..Oh! And some newspaper!

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

Start by taping off the spoons. We got creative with our patterns

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

Next, add an even layer of glue and plenty of glitter. This is an ombre spoon!

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

Remove the tape…look at that clean edge! Puurrty

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

Stand them, spoon side down, in cups. Let dry for 2 hrs. Then add another layer of glue to seal the glitter

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures

Make great gifts!! Make great favors too!!

Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures
Glitter Spoons DIY
Glitter Spoons DIY recipe pictures
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  1. Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage glue
  2. Martha Stewart glitters, assorted colors
  3. wooden spoons
  4. painters tape
  5. twine and tags
  1. Tape each spoon, leaving the patterns of your choice. We did some spoons with stripes and some without.
  2. Get your DIY station all set up. Lay newspapers out to contain any mess. Pick out the glitter colors you want to use and have them ready. Grab a couple of cups that you can stand the spoons up in to dry.
  3. Using the brush that comes with the glue, apply an even coat of decoupage glue onto the glitter area of 1 spoon. Only do 1 spoon at a time!
  4. Quickly, sprinkle on the glitter! Cover the entire glued area with glitter, then remove the tape right away. Our favorite technique was ombré. We picked a dark and light shade of the same color glitter and did half dark and half light. Such a cool effect!
  5. Carefully place the spoon in a cup, spoon side down, and let it dry completely, about 2 hours.
  6. Once the spoons have dried completely, brush on a second (even and thin) coat of decoupage glue. This will seal the glitter and make it safe to use and wash. Finally, let the spoons dry for at least 24 hours before using.
  7. We finished our spoons off with homemade tags secured with twine. And they’re ready to gift!
Adapted from something turquoise


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