Coconut Risotto Hot Fudge Sundae

Coconut Risotto Hot Fudge Sundaes
To me, risotto is the ultimate indulgence. Is anybody else with me? It’s one of the first dishes that pops into my head when I want to make dinner for a special occasion. It’s rich and it’s creamy and when somebody makes you risotto you know that they care. There’s a minimum of a million and one ways to prepare risotto; I probably couldn’t choose a clear favorite even if I tried.

KitchenAid challenged us to “GET SWEET ON RISOTTO and consider risotto in a sweet context” which was and idea that was brand new and very exciting to us. After testing out a couple recipes, we decided that a creative twist on a classic dessert was the way to go… a gourmet hot fudge sundae! Hot fudge sundaes never go out of style and they are loved by everybody. If you’ve ever made risotto before you know that, while it’s relatively easy to make, it does take some time, attention and patience. We used our 36″ 5-Burner Gas Cooktop to make the risotto that we used for our Coconut Risotto Hot Fudge Sundae and it turned out just as we had hoped, rich and extra indulgent.

What I love most about risotto is the flavors you put into it completely morph the flavor. So it’s fun to get creative with sweet ingredients! The sweetened condensed milk along with the sweetened coconut flakes transformed this risotto into a gourmet desert that I want to serve over and over again. Kara manned the stove while I prepped the sundae toppings. The versatile dual tier burner makes cooking easy no matter what you’re preparing. We use the high setting all the time for searing meat, but because risotto cooks low and slow we kept it at a low setting and let it simmer to perfection. The cooktop’s small inner ring allows for more accurate simmer control at the lowest setting.

Since we wanted the sweet risotto to be the star of the show we went with simple and classic toppings: a drizzle of hot fudge, a generous dollop of whipped cream, sliced almonds for that much needed crunch and, of course, a cherry on top. You can make homemade whipped cream or use store bought, your choice! The toppings mixed with the sweet coconut risotto made the ultimate gourmet sundae. Who needs ice cream anyways?! Plus, these easy toppings are an added bonus because they make the assembly a cinch once the sweet risotto is ready. In other words…this can be a weekend AND weeknight indulgence. 😉

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To enter, simply leave a comment telling us about how you GET SWEET ON RISOTTO! We would love to hear your favorite sweet risotto recipes OR tell us about another cooking challenge that you recently conquered.

Heat the coconut oil, then pour in the risotto

Gradually add the liquid so that the arborio rice can absorb it. First milk, then sweetened condensed milk, then milk

Once the risotto is done cooking, stir in the sweetened coconut flakes and a tiny pinch of salt

Spoon the risotto into bowls and drizzle with hot fudge

Add a dollop of fresh whipped cream, sliced almonds and of course a cherry on top! I bet sprinkles wouldn’t hurt either ;)

Coconut Risotto Hot Fudge Sundaes
Serves 4
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  1. 1 cup Arborio rice
  2. 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  3. ½ cup sweetened condensed milk
  4. 2½ - 3 cups milk
  5. pinch of salt
  6. ½ cup sweetened coconut flakes
  7. hot fudge sauce
  8. whipped cream
  9. ¼ cup sliced almonds
  10. maraschino cherries
  1. Heat a large pot over low heat and add 2 tablespoons coconut oil.
  2. Add 1 cup of Arborio rice and stir to coat the rice thoroughly. Adding ½ cup of liquid at a time, alternately pour in the milk and sweetened condensed milk. Stir constantly after each addition. As soon as it appears that the rice has absorbed the milk, pour in the next 1/2 cup of liquid. Do not stop stirring. The process will take 20-30 minutes. The rice is done when it no longer has a hard bite.
  3. Once the liquid has absorbed and the rice is cooked add a pinch of salt then stir in the sweetened coconut flakes.
  4. Spoon the coconut risotto into bowls.
  5. Heat the hot fudge in the microwave until smooth and melted.
  6. Drizzle the hot fudge sauce on top of the risotto.
  7. Top with whipped cream, sliced almonds and a maraschino cherry.
  8. Serve immediately.

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  1. D Schmidt says

    I think I would add some diced fruit to sweeten it up! A cooking challenge I recently conquered was making a raspberry pavlova, I kept undercooking it!

  2. Lily Sheng says

    I’ve made chocolate rice pudding out of risotto, it’s delicious and the process was more enjoyable than regular rice puddings! Thanks for the giveaway, this Coconut Risotto Hot Fudge Sundae is on my list of things to make!

  3. Mami2jcn says

    I recently conquered the challenge of getting my mother’s arroz con pollo recipe just right. My husband used to complain that it was over-seasoned but recently he said it was spot on and it was great to hear praise for that.

  4. heather says

    A recent cooking challenge that I conquered in the kitchen was making an apple pie from scratch. I don’t know much about risotto so I chose to answer this entry question per directions above.

  5. Bernadette says

    This sounded so tasty I tried it with the addition of 1/2 tsp Almond Extract. Lovely I imagine subbing Rum Extract for the Almond would create another taste treat.

    Cooking challenge, making my Acadian grandmother’s family recipe of SWEET SOUR-MILK OLD FASHIONED DONUTS.

  6. Jessie C. says

    I conquered mochi cakes recently. I have been trying to make traditional mochi cake and ice cream for a long time, finally!
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  7. Linda Schatz says

    Wow…you have inspired me to try using risotto sweetly. Fantastic idea and this recipe just may be my first! Thank you.

  8. Megan Jowers says

    I’ve never made risotto, but have been wanting to try. Maybe I’ll make my first attempt a ‘sweet’ one. :)

  9. Megan Jowers says

    Megan Jowers ‏@FLgirlGB 12s

    KitchenAid and a sweet risotto “#moretomake” and “#SweepstakesEntry”

    (Sorry – I’m new to the twitter ‘thing’. But here is my post.)

  10. Jen W. says

    My biggest coking challenge is getting different parts of the meal to be ready at the same time, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, finally!

  11. Jenna says

    i made this but used unsweetened vanilla almond milk and pineapple use instead of the sweetend condensed milk and unsweetened coconut flakes but did add some splenda… i also used home made whipped cream with splenda to sweeten and sugar free fudge… i cant handle sugar but making it this was it was AMAZING.. just shows you can make anything healthier and tasty still

  12. Rosie says

    This looks delicious! I’ve never cooked (yet) with Arborio rice. One recent challenge I feel I conquered is making my own hummus from scratch. I made it several times, revising it until I feel I’ve got it! And it feels so good to think it is better than store bought and much less expensive, and all organic!

  13. Sandy Headtke says

    I have never had a sweet risotto dish but could see it working niceljy into one. My challenge is introducing new foods to the family,

  14. DB Johnson says

    I have never made a sweet risotto, but your recipe I gotta try! My recent cooking challenge is how to make kale without over cooking it

  15. Isis says

    Wow…you have inspired me to try using risotto sweetly. Fantastic idea and this recipe just may be my first! Thank you.

  16. says

    I love sweet risitto! My favorite is using dark chocolate and grand marnier. so good! I can probably take a nap after eating a bowl. 😛

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  17. Kathleen says

    I recently made my first no-knead bread! I don’t know why I waited so long to try it for myself – totally worth it!

  18. Margot C says

    I have never actually made a sweet risotto dish, but I have had a lovely (mysteriously light seeming) one with almonds and Amaretto sauce that was good.

  19. Diane S. in San Diego says

    I have never made sweet risotto but I’ve had it before and it was a dreamy dessert! I can’t wait to try this!

  20. alisa says

    i haven’t conquered much in the kitchen although i have made risotto before successfully just not sweet risotto it is something i would have to try now, we have also made ice cream at home and bread at home

  21. Mary W says

    This recipe contains our favorite sweet treat ingredients. I am going to try substituting medium grain rice for the Arborio and see if the results are similar.

  22. Susan P. says

    I had never made rice pudding before and found it was so easy to make, I’ll have to try this recipe now.

  23. DeeAnn S says

    I’d like to use your recipe and stir in a tbsp. of orange marmalade to the warm mixture after cooking. Make it a true sundae by topping it with wet nuts, dark chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry! Thanks.

  24. Elizabeth says

    I’ve seen arborio rice pudding recipes that fit the template, but have never heard them referred to as sweet risotto. I wonder if it depends on the method; in other words, if you don’t stir, is it still risotto? Either way, it looks delicious!

  25. Vickie says

    I have NOT conquered risotto yet..but, over the Christmas holiday I finally Finally!!! conquered making French Macaroons. After many many failed attempts. Next I want to try a mushroom risotto I found before trying sweet risotto..your recipe is saved..thanks

  26. katie k says

    I’ve never thought of making a risotto sweet tasting but I’m definitel going to give your recipe a try!! I typically make butternut squash risotto though I guess it does have a bit of sweetness to it!

  27. Theresa Jenkins says

    I’m not a fan of risotto but my husband’s fav is >>Risotto Rice Pudding with brown sugar and vanilla

  28. Amanda R says

    I’ve never had risotto, but I use coconut oil for everything (not just cooking/baking)! Would love to win.

  29. Kim Henrichs says

    I have never made risotto sweet – but I am definitely trying this!! I just recently conquered spicy peanut noodles which is something I’ve been dying to try and perfect for a long time!

  30. Stephanie V. says

    I sweeten risotto with brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon and chocolate chips with sweet potato and butternut squash bits. Adding some amaretto sauce on sauce is the icing on the risotto!

  31. Kimarie Stebbins says

    I never thought of using Risotto. I’d use it in some rice pudding. Rice, milk, nutmeg, and raisins, and shredded coconut.

  32. Anastasia says

    Yum! You know, I’ve never actually tried or made risotto, and now I feel like I’m really missing out! I’d love to try this recipe, and that’s how I’d get my sweet on :)

  33. Harrison Hamada says

    this is a great variation on a south Asian dessert with a glutenous rice cooked in coconut milk usually served with great local fruits, the most famous of which is mango, durian, pineapple, banana,etc. Especially awesome served chilled on a banana leaf on a hot evening

  34. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I haven’t ever made risotto (sweet or otherwise). However, I love rice pudding, custard, flan, and homemade tapioca–so I think I would love your recipe! I’m wondering how it would taste made with almond milk. I’d love to try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  35. Sandy Headtke says

    I have been trying to introduce new foods to my family. I don’t think they would refuse risotto if it was prepared this way.

  36. says

    We are a family that is lacking a sweet tooth. We’d honestly never make sweet risotto…or dessert in general! BUT…great recipe! My recent challenge I overcame was a delicious way to make a pasta salad without oily dressings or mayo!

  37. wild orchid says

    I finally made Manicotti, just like my Grandma used to make! I was so excited. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  38. Debbie B says

    I’ve never had sweet risotto but could definitely see myself enjoying your COCONUT RISOTTO HOT FUDGE SUNDAE recipe!

  39. joni says

    I actually never made anything sweet with risotto. I just made an Italian meat pie and and Italian cheese pie with phyllo dough for the first time and they turned out excellent, although they were a lot of work.

  40. Ashley Cieglo says

    I have recently conquered making a good, old fashion pound cake just like my grandmothers! I have been trying to perfect it for a long time!

  41. says

    i have yet to conquer bread making..i have cooked and baked at home and professionally for 30+ years,, and i still have not mastered bread making..i think i have figured out what i am doing wrong..i just need to try one more time..i keep putting it off..LOL.i need to “just do it”…Believe it or not,, i have never made Risotto!!!’s true..Just never have taken on the challenge..HAHA..they make it on all the Cooking Show challenges and very seldom do it right..Now a sweet Risotto is right up my alley..i am so taking on this challenge..i can almost taste it..This sweet version sounds absolutely delicious!!!

  42. Sonya Morris says

    I have never cooked with risotto but your pictures look divine! I recently conquered making pound cakes.

  43. Sarah Oswald says

    I have never ate risotto so I cant answer the question.
    I have conquered fondant on a cake and it came out looking nicer than I expected.

  44. Terri Moore says

    I have heard so much about risotto but have never cooked with it, your recipe sounds like a perfect way to begin. thanks so much

  45. Anita Duvall says

    You know, I have never even eaten Risotto. Gordon Ramsey had a good recipe for mushroom Risotto that I have thought about trying though!

  46. Ellie W says

    I’ve never made, or eaten risotto. I have finally conquered making the perfect cream gravy. I’ve been making it for nearly 30 years but it was always hit or miss before.

  47. Lauren E. says

    I havent figured out a good way to work with risotto as its one of those things I love to hate as I cant cook it properly ever.
    I tend to go to italian eateries and try till I find something I like with it.

  48. Christine Mayfield says

    I have never made risotto but I am pinning this to try it! I am on a new way of eating and keep hearing about risotto and now I really want to try it. Thanks for the recipe

  49. Lisa Brown says

    My recent cooking challenge was home-made mac and cheese; it takes practice to get the cheese blend and consistency right, believe it or not.

  50. says

    I make my fathers rice pudding with risotto, basicly the same as the beginning of the hot fudge sundae until taking it out of the pan. The only difference is using evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk and adding karo syrup. … mmmm mmm I haven’t thought about that in a while… Thank you for bringing back the memories, of the pudding and of my dad standing in the kitchen making it. e has been gone for 20 years May and that was a great memory to think of!

  51. Randy Curran says

    Coconut risotto sounds good to me, but my better half can’t stand coconut so I need a different risotto recipe to try.

  52. amy pugmire says

    Wow I never would have thought of using it as a dessert. Yum. I recently conquered chicken and dumplings. Since my sister didn’t really have a recipe for it and made it by hand. It was a big accomplishment.

  53. wild orchid says

    I would really like to try to make Italian wedding cookies, just like my Grandma used to make. That is my next challenge.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  54. Samantha Daleo says

    This is a great way to use risotto! I am already a risotto freak and I usually use it in a savory way like with mushrooms. This is definitely worth a try!

  55. says

    I made my first batch of homemade coconut pudding, from coconut milk. I added some risotto and raisins and had myself an AMAZING rice pudding!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  56. Neiddy says

    I have never made risotto before but I would adapt my Arroz con Leche recipe and make a “3 Leches Risotto” made with condensed milk, evaporated milk, whole milk, cinnamon and raisins

  57. Nicole Larsen says

    this past Thanksgiving, I cooked my first turkey which was a huge challenge since I’m not a very good cook :p

  58. Eugenia Hall says

    Reminds me of Thai Coconut Sticky Rice, if I made it I’d probably lose the hot fudge and fold in diced mango and drizzle it with sweetened, condensed, coconut milk (almost like caramel)

  59. says

    I tried this recipe last night and it was a huge success!

    I’m a big fan of risotto and it’s sort of my go-to way to use up whatever vegetables we have in the house.

    But I never thought of making a dessert risotto. It’s one of those “I wish I had thought of that” things.

    It’s sort of like rice putting, but better.

    • Tricia N. says

      Risotto is so good. I could eat it for almost every meal. Never thought of it as desert. And I love coconut. What a great combination. YUM!

  60. Lee says

    I visited Thailand last year an our favorite dessert which is their national dessert is sticky rice cooked in coconut milk served with fesh mango. It’s heavenly. So I make it but the real challenge is finding sweet ripe mangos like they have in Thailand–I can’t get the same ripe mangos here but it’s still a good dessert.

  61. April V. says

    The only sweet rice dish I know of (other than rice pudding) is my husband’s favorite Thai Sticky Rice. I should have him try this recipe – and instead of the sundae toppings, add a sweet fruit – the Thai dish usually has mango but I bet pineapple would be fabulous with this recipe.

  62. Karen Drake says

    I recently conquered the challenge of making homemade lasagna, that might not sound that tough but I am not much for cooking.

  63. Elizabeth Owens says

    This might be a little different but I love to add mango! It gives it a different taste with a touch of natural sugar

    elizzzzzabeth at yahoo dot com

  64. Erica Best says

    i have never tryed sweet risotto but i thinking white chocolate and cream cream sweet risotto would be good

  65. Ronda Patrick says

    I have had risotto (made by a friend) as a side dish for dinner. I never imagined that you could use it in a sundae for dessert!!! YUMMMMM!!!

  66. Betty C says

    I’ve never had a favorite sweet risotto recipe but I think your Coconut Risotto Hot Fudge Sunday is going to be the favorite.

  67. Kat Emerick says

    Sweet Strawberry Risotto.

    6 cups reduced-fat (2%) milk
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
    2 tablespoons unsalted butter
    1 cup arborio rice
    1 orange, Zest and juice of
    1 cup canned coconut milk
    1 quart strawberries, 3 sliced, remaining chopped


    Heat milk, sugar and vanilla until just simmering in a medium pot over medium heat. Reduce heat to low, cover and keep hot. Melt butter in a medium pot over medium heat. Add rice and cook, stirring often, until fragrant and toasted, about 2 minutes. Add orange zest and juice and cook, stirring constantly, until absorbed, 1 to 2 minutes. Add about 1 cup of the milk mixture and continue to simmer, vigorously stirring often, until almost absorbed, about 3 to 5 minutes more. Repeat process until all of the milk mixture has been incorporated and rice is thick and creamy, about 30 minutes. Remove pot from the heat and stir in coconut milk; set aside for 5 minutes. Spoon chopped strawberries into the bottom of small bowls, top with risotto, garnish with sliced strawberries and serve.

  68. Dorothy Hubbard says

    I have never made Risotto, but I do like rice pudding. I think if I were to use Risotto as sweet I would do something with cherries and yogart.

  69. susan smoaks says

    I recently conquered the cooking challenge of cooking with brown rice. i had the hardest time getting it to the correct consistency.

  70. Tracy Spangler says

    I’ve not made it with rissoto, but I wonder if a cannoli would taste better with sweet risotto instead of ricotta cheese?! Hmm….I’ll have to try that out this weekend and see how it turns out!

  71. Sarah L says

    I have never made risotto. I’m not big on challenges. I like roasted veggies and salmon with a balsamic glaze.
    Thanks for the contest.

  72. Gianna says

    I’ve never had a sweet risotto. A cooking challenge recently was an old peanut butter cookie recipe from the 60s.

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