French Quarter Cheese Spread

French Quarter Cheese Spread recipe pictures

 This is the perfect appetizer to bring to any holiday party. It checks all the boxes for me. Easy to prepare, no need to reheat, and most importantly, really tasty. I just cannot have enough go-to appetizer recipes to make around the holidays. It seems there is always a party or potluck to bring something to. Appetizers are usually my favorite part of any party. I love all the finger food and getting to sample so many different things. I could care less about dinner for me its about the dips, spreads, and finger foods.


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Perfect cold Sunday afternoon comfort food.

Pioneer Woman Chicken and Dumplings

I cannot say I have had a lot of chicken and dumplings in my life. But, this is my favorite! I really do not think there is any better comfort food than chicken and dumplings. I believe that there are ... [Continue Reading]

Snickerdoodle Bread

Cinnamon-Butterscotch Bread

While this bread was baking in the oven, the house smelled SOOO divine. It was cinnamon-y, bread-y, fall-y and sweet and I couldn't wait for a bite of warm, soft bread. I could tell it ... [Continue Reading]

Another reason to love fall!

Creamy Apple Cider

After a few weekends of traveling we were finally home for a weekend! It was nice to be back in the kitchen. And to have my suitcases finally emptied. Traveling is fun but it is so hard coming back to ... [Continue Reading]

Halloween Ideas

I can't believe Halloween is almost here already. It's always been one of my favorite holidays, but even more so with an adorable and fun niece to share it with! Is 17 months too young to ... [Continue Reading]

Saint Louis IMG 6

St. Louis

This past weekend Cliff, Kelly, Winnie, my Mom, and I took a road trip to St. Louis. Cliff and I went to St. Louis 2 years ago and we were really impressed. Our main reasons for visiting ... [Continue Reading]