Marinated Mozzarella

Marinated Mozzarella recipe pictures

 Recipes really don’t get any easier than this. There is no cooking involved. Simply cut up all ingredients and place in a jar. That is it. There are tons of different things you can do with this mozzarella. Lets start with the obvious. Eat it straight from the jar. Obviously nothing wrong with that. You could take it one step further and serve it with crackers. Or toasted crostini. We made a big batch of this and starting by just eating it plain. Then a few days later I was making pasta with pesto sauce for dinner. I  usually crumble some goat cheese on top. But when I saw this jar of marinated mozzarella in the refrigerator my plans immediately changed. So flipping delicious. I don’t know what my deal was that night. Maybe I was really hungry? Or maybe I was just glad to have good pesto after my last batch was horrible. But anyway, this was like the best meal ever. I kept asking Cliff, is it me or is this like super good tonight? And he agreed, it was super good.


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Here is what you'll need

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