12 Low Carb Blueberry Desserts for Diabetics

There are times when all I crave is a good blueberry dessert.

Blueberries are healthy, tasty fruits that are right at home in so many desserts with their soft texture and slight tanginess. When cooked, they can be naturally quite sweet.

For my diabetic friends, however, it can be more difficult to enjoy desserts when you need to restrict your sugar intake.

With that said, diabetes shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying a nice, sweet treat from time to time!

Fortunately, there are loads of amazing desserts out there that are low-sugar enough to fit even the strictest diet. They’re just as tasty as sugary desserts, too — they just focus more on the actual flavors rather than the sweetness.

And if you’re a blueberry lover, I’ve got good news for you! Here are 12 of the best low sugar blueberry desserts you can enjoy right now:

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