Healthy-ish Cake Batter Dip


Healthy ish Cake Batter Dip recipe picturesI want to talk about something totally off topic today. I need a book suggestion. I am part of a book club, which has not met in about 2 years. For real. Are we still a book club if we don’t read and don’t have meetings? The book club was great because someone would pick a book once a month and then we would get together and discuss. Pretty typical. Sometimes someone would pick a book that I never would have thought to pick and that would lead me to another book and another book, and I always had something to read. Other times people would pick Nora Roberts books. They can’t all be winners. Healthy ish Cake Batter Dip recipe pictures When my book club started meeting less sporadically I just didn’t know what to read. I started reading all the books in the book club section of my local library. Well, i’m just about done with that section and what is left doesn’t really interest me. So, my cooking friends, what are you reading? Anything you would recommend? Here are some books that I have read lately and enjoyed: The Paris Wife by Paula McLainThe Chaperone by Laura MoriartyGone Girl by Gillian FlynnIn my Hands by Irene OpdykeLast Night in Twisted River by John IrvingThe Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz ZafonThe other thing I miss about book club? Besides meeting up with my friends is the food. Of course. We would take turns hosting and my friends are pretty good cooks. And others are pretty good at ordering take out. It is important to know your strengths. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for that comment. I guess we will see which of my friends read my blog. This healthy-ish cake batter dip would be a great thing to serve to a book club. I always hesitate to call something healthy. Your idea of healthy and my idea are likely not the same. I am afraid I am going to get a million comments saying, you think that is healthy? Cookies dipped in cool whip mixed with cake mix? To avoid that I’m going to say healthy-ish. As in, if you are going to eat dessert, this is not the worst thing you could eat. You don’t have to feel too guilty. And for being healthy-ish, it tastes pretty darn good! Actually really good. I love cake batter flavored ice cream and other snacks so that is no surprise. I would definitely recommend making this for your group of girlfriends.

Healthy ish Cake Batter Dip recipe pictures

Here is what you’ll need

Healthy ish Cake Batter Dip recipe pictures

Combine the cool whip and yogurt then fold in the cake mix

Healthy ish Cake Batter Dip recipe pictures

Get some tasty dippers and you are all set!


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