Our Trip to Rome: Day Three

Day three was kind of a bust.  And it was partly my fault.  The plan was to take the train to Venice for the day.  After getting back to our apartment at about 1 am that morning, we awoke at 5 so we could get to the train station in time.  When we finally found a kiosk to buy our tickets we got a little shock.  I had been looking at the Tren Italia website in the weeks leading to our trip.  The site does not accept American credit cards though, so we had to wait until we got to the station to buy our train tickets.  I THOUGHT the tickets were 73 Euros per person for a round trip ticket.  Unfortunately, I read the site wrong and it was each way, which would double the price.  We decided a day trip to Venice was just not worth that much money so we headed back to the apartment.

We had been getting up early, walking miles each day, and getting home late each night for the last couple of days.  And we were a little crabby too.  So, we decided to take a nap. Unfortunately, we didn’t wake up until almost 4 in the afternoon.  We took the metro to Spagna again and walked towards the Pantheon and had lunch.  We split an order of mushroom  bruschetta and a margherita pizza.  This was my favorite pizza we had on our trip.

While we were eating lunch it began to drizzle.  But it wasn’t too bad so we decided to try to find Giolitti and get some gelato.  Our guidebook was wrong and it turns out Giolitti was very close to the restaurant we had just eaten at.  This time we only selected 2 flavors of gelato; lemon and stracciatella, which is like chocolate chip.  The gelato was good, but just didn’t compare to Della Palma.  So, of the three gelato places we tried, Della Palma was by far my favorite gelato.

Next, we decided to walk towards the Colosseo to take some night pictures.  As we started walking it began to rain harder and harder.  We were halfway there when the rain was coming down so hard and so fast that the streets were flooding.  But we kept going because the closest metro was across the street from the Colosseo.  By the time we got there we were soaking wet.   Our feet were drenched and we looked like drowned rats.  Cliff took about 2 pictures and we hopped on the metro and headed back to the apartment.