Cliff’s Favorite Chili


Every weekend I try to prepare lunches for the week. This is one of the recipes I make during the winter.  I love that I can make it ahead of time and Cliff can take some to work everyday.  By Sunday night our fridge usually has about 8-10 pre-made lunches that we can just grab each morning.  This is a good way to save money but also it controls what you are eating so you don’t end up with fast food for lunch.

This chili is hearty but the lean meat and veggies make it healthy.  I don’t eat chili, but Cliff tested out many different recipes and decided this was “the one”.

Use this recipe as a base and make changes according to your taste.  For instance, Cliff doesn’t like kidney beans so I make it with two cans of black beans instead.  But adjust it anyway you’d like. I am told this chili has a definite kick, so if you’d prefer something a little more tame I would suggest cutting back on the jalapeno and cayenne pepper, and the chili powder.

"Chili Ingredients"

Here's what you'll need

"Brown the Meat for Chili"

Start browning the ground sirloin in a dutch oven

"Chili Ingredients"

Add the onions and peppers

"Chili Ingredients"

Already looking great, but just wait!

"Black Beans for Chili"

Rinse and drain the beans

"Adding Spices to Chili"

Stir in all the seasonings…

"Adding Tomatoes to Chili"

and the tomatoes

"Adding Black Beans to Chili"

and the beans

"Chili on Simmer"

Simmer 1-2 hours


So comforting on a cold day.