Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese

In case you haven’t already noticed, we love pasta.  I mean really, really, love pasta.  We could pretty much eat it every day.  With some pizza thrown in once in a while for variety.  Every family holiday or gathering must include pasta. It’s just not New Year’s Day without baked shells.  Who can say they have eaten the same thing on the same day of the year for their entire life.  Well, everyone in my family can.  That’s who.

I feel very strongly about the kind of pasta used.  When most people think of macaroni and cheese they probably think of the elbow macaroni found in Kraft macaroni and cheese.  Or, for those “rich people” who prefer velveeta, they may think of mini shells.  But for me, macaroni and cheese screams “pennette!!”   At least this macaroni and cheese recipe does.  I have other recipes that scream “fusilli!” or even “gnocchi!”.  I know, I’m wild.

Anyway, I have been on a search for the perfect macaroni and cheese recipe for years.  And this is it.  I will admit, it sounds kind of weird.  Cottage cheese in macaroni and cheese?  Gross.  But then I remembered that my grandma in Michigan used to use cottage cheese as a substitute for ricotta.  And that is why I will never be able to live in a small town.  What kind of store doesn’t sell ricotta?  They probably didn’t have fresh bocconcini either!  Can you imagine?  I’d die.

Ingredients for Mac and Cheese

Here’s what you’ll need

Preparing the Mac and Cheese

Mix cooked pasta with cottage cheese and sour cream

Spicing up the Mac and Cheese

Season with salt and pepper. Add hot sauce

Adding Cheese to the Macaroni

Sprinkle with cheddar and romano cheeses

Mix up the Ingredients

Stir to combine

Mac and Cheese

Add a bit of milk to ensure it doesn’t dry out

Mac and Cheese

Sprinkle top with Panko

Mac and Cheese

Looks golden and ready to eat

Delicious Mac and Cheese

The ultimate comfort food.