Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberries and Ganache

"Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry and Ganache"

What says Valentine’s Day better than chocolate covered strawberries? Combine them with a moist chocolatey cupcake and my husband and I are both happy. He loves chocolate covered strawberries and I love everything chocolate! I decided to make these at the last minute, but most of the ingredients are items we always have on hand.

The recipe we found on If Only I Had A Kitchen used canned frosting, but we decided on a homemade ganache. It was a good choice because it was delicious and looked so nice.

Make these for your Valentine.  They’re simple but will no doubt impress.

"Chocolate Cupcake Ingredients"

Here's what you'll need

"Chocolate Covered Strawberry"

Dip some fresh strawberries in melting chocolate…believe me it's for the best

"Chocolate Cupcakes Before and after Oven"

Here's a batch just out of the oven and one about to go in. At this point the house smells fantastic!

"Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry"

What's better than a combination of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate? Nothing is.

"Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry and Ganache"

Your Valentine will love these.