Glazed Carrots

What is there to say about carrots? They’re really not that exciting. Healthy yes, but exciting, not so much. But mix in some butter and brown sugar and carrots just got a little more interesting. In general we tend to like sweet desserts. These carrots could almost pass for a dessert. For St. Patty’s Day dinners we used to make plain boiled carrots. Blah. Then we tried these and they’ve become a staple in our dinner menus.

Here's what you'll need

Place peeled and cut carrots in a pot of boiling water

While the carrots cook, melt the butter

And add brown sugar

Once tender, drain the carrots. Be careful of the hot steam!

Transfer to a baking dish

Add butter mixture; coat evenly

Sprinkle with salt and pepper

These are out of the oven and ready to eat!