Rolo Cupcakes

I love making and eating desserts. Cliff, on the other hand is not a big sweets guy. I try to tempt him with all of the desserts that I make but he usually is not interested. It became my mission to find something that even he could not resist.

One thing he does enjoy is Rolos. We usually have a candy dish on our counter and the Rolos never last very long. So, in my mission to make a dessert he would crave, I decided it had to be a play on Rolos. We made these cupcakes a few weeks ago with this frosting and LOVED them, so I already knew what kind of cake and frosting I would make.

In order to make these even better (if that’s even possible) I decided to place a Rolo in each cupcake before we baked them. Once the cupcake is frosted, you won’t even know it’s there and the Rolo becomes a gooey surprise!  Even Cliff found these irresistible!

Here's what you'll need

Mix dry ingredients

Cream butter and sugar

Add eggs

Add dry ingredients

Add milk

Fill cups three-quarters

Press Rolo into batter

Bake 10-13 minutes

Let cool

Pipe frosting

Cut Rolos in half

Place a half Rolo onto the frosting

Ready to eat