Oven Fries

Potatoes are definitely in my top 5 foods. Maybe top 3. Somewhere in between nutella and deep dish pizza. I don’t know why I love potatoes so much. I think it might be because my mom hates potatoes so she seldom made them for us growing up. Unfortunately, my favorite potato preparation, french fries, are not exactly healthy. Why are the foods that taste the best always the most unhealthy? Why can’t my favorite food be plain, steamed broccoli? Or plain grilled chicken breast. Yuck!

My Grandma used to make potatoes similar to these oven fries and I called them banana potatoes.  Only there were no bananas in them.  But they were shaped like bananas. I was a weird kid, what can I say? These potatoes aren’t too unhealthy. I mean, I don’t know how much nutritional value there is in potatoes, but they are baked, not fried. And, they are baked using canola oil, which I believe is one of the healthier oils. So compared to McDonalds fries, which I believe to be the gold standard, these are super healthy!!

Here is what you'll need

Cut the potatoes into wedges

Soak them in hot water for 10 minutes

Cover the pan in canola oil

Tilt the pan to fully cover

Drain the potatoes

Spread them out on a towel

Dry them completely

Add a little canola oil to the bowl

Add some seasoning

And salt and pepper

Put the potato wedges back in the bowl

Toss to coat the potatoes

Put them on the pan

Arrange them in an even layer

Cover and begin to bake

If you are like me, eat with ketchup. If you are like Cliff, eat with nacho cheese.