Cookie Dough Dip Trio

Today is the last day of dip week.  Boo! In my opinion dip is the best part of football season. To me baseball screams Vienna beef hot dogs and football season screams dip! (basketball = yawn) Football has been over for months now so we needed an excuse to make some dips! On Monday we made pizza dip. Excellent. Tuesday it was fruit salsa. My personal favorite. Wednesday it was queso blanco. Another good one.  Thursday was rueben dip. Not a favorite of mine but Cliff and Macee really enjoyed it.

Today’s dip is Trio of dips: cookie dough edition. You start by making a base and then dividing it up and adding different ingredients to make 3 different cookie dough dips. We made snicker doodle, double chocolate, and peanut butter and chocolate. They were all good, but my absolute favorite was double chocolate. Other possible variations I thought of were adding heath bar chips, white chocolate and macadamia nuts, oats and raisins and mini M&M’s.

Here is what you'll need

Melt the butter

Add the brown sugar

And some vanilla

Mix the cream cheese and the powdered sugar

Mix with a hand mixer

Add the butter/sugar mixture to the cream cheese/sugar mixture

Divide into three smaller bowls

To one bowl add cocoa powder and chocolate chips

To one bowl add cinnamon

To the last bowl add peanut butter and chocolate chips

Enjoy with animal crackers, teddy grahams or your favorite dipper