Pesto Pasta with Tomatoes and Ricotta

In case you haven’t noticed we eat A LOT of pasta around here. Just about every week I make some kind of sauce and freeze it for easy weeknight meals. Some nights all I can handle is boiling some water for pasta and microwaving some freezer sauce. Besides being easy, we also just love pasta!

This pasta is super easy to make. Make the pesto in advance and freeze it. The night before you want to serve this, take the pesto out of the freezer. Or, even easier, buy already prepared pesto. Once you get home all you have to do is roast the tomatoes, cook some pasta, and heat the pesto.  Then combine everything with some ricotta cheese. Even on the most hectic weeknight I can handle that. Not only is this pasta dish easy, it tastes great too. I love the sweetness from the tomatoes and the freshness from the basil. Make sure that you reserve some pasta water though or it will be dry. Dry pasta = gross.

Here is what you'll need

Add the balsamic vinegar to the tomatoes

And the olive oil

And the sugar

And the salt and pepper

Put the tomatoes on a pan and in the oven

If your using alread prepared pesto skip this process. Otherwise put the basil in the food processor.

Add the cheese

And pine nuts

And lemon juice

Salt and pepper

Pulse and gradually add the olive oil

Taste and adjust seasonings if necessary

Put the pesto in a bowl

Your tomatoes should be ready by now

Add the pesto and the reserved pasta water to the spaghetti

Add the tomatoes next

Top with ricotta cheese and you.are.done!