Caramel Crumb Bars

A few weeks ago I planned a barbeque for my work for the 1 year anniversary of our grand opening. My boss asked me to make a list of what we needed and she would run to the store to get everything. I put things like hamburgers, veggie burgers, buns, chips, and pop on the list.  Very simple, very basic. She came back to the office with filet mignon, lobster tail and salmon. Not exactly what I was expecting but I was not about to complain. In addition to all of that I volunteered to make some desserts for the party. I made whoopie pies and caramel crumb bars.

I have always been a chocolate person. If I had the choice between chocolate cake and yellow cake I would pick chocolate every single time. I always gravitate to the chocolate items on the dessert table. But lately I’ve been all about the caramel. I can’t get enough caramel. Don’t worry though I still eat my fair share of chocolate. And Cliff’s too. Of all the caramel desserts we have made lately this is one of my favorites. They are quick and easy to make but taste like they are time consuming and difficult to make. Now, if I were presented with these or a piece of chocolate cake, I’d definitely pick these. They’re that good.

Here is what you'll need. You will also need the sweetened condensed milk. Whoops.

Cream the butter

Add the sugar

And the salt

Add the vanilla

And the flour

Press 3/4 of the mixture into the baking dish; refrigerate

Add the rest of the flour to the remaining dough and set aside

Combine the butter, corn syrup, condensed milk and brown sugar into a pot

Stir frequently until you get a dark caramel-y color

Spread evenly over the crust

Crumble the dough mixture

Sprinkle over the caramel layer

Forget the chocolate cake, i'm eating these caramel crumb bars!