Italian Sub Sammies

Sunday is my day to prep. I don’t have a lot of energy after work, so I try to do as much prep work on Sundays as I can. I do all my grocery shopping, prepare lunches for the week, and make individual sized bags of fruit and vegetables for us to take for lunches all on Sunday. Cliff usually requests 1 of 2 things for his lunches, either pasta or Italian sub sandwiches. So on Sundays I set up either a pasta or sandwich assembly line and knock it all out at once so that I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the week. This works out great for us. Plus, it keeps us from going out to lunch, which saves us quite a bit of money throughout the year.

Italian sub sandwiches are a particular favorite of both Cliff and my Dad. Me, not so much, but if you like sub sandwiches you will love these. As usual, this is really just a guide. If you don’t like spicy meats you can always get “regular.” Same with the giardiniera. If you have never tried some of these meats, please give them a try. You might have to go to an Italian deli for the sopresata, capicola and mortadella though. Make sure you get good bread; it is essential. You want it to be crusty on the outside, but not too crusty, and nice and soft and fluffy on the inside. I might look like a little Irish girl, but I make one mean Italian sub sandwich. My Dad who is 100% Italian, has eaten thousands(not an exaggeration) of Italian sub sandwiches in his life, but he has declared mine the best he has ever had!

Here is what you'll need

Cut the loaf of bread into 5 4-inch pieces

Cut each one in half horizantally

Set up your assembly line

Here are all the meats and cheese I am using

Start with the sopresata

Next is the capicola

Salami, we like Volpi

Mortadella, I buy the one without the pistachios

Pepperoni, sliced thin


Romaine and onions

If you are not eating right away, wrap them up

Tape the plastic wrap so that they stay fresh

Cliff's lunches for work are ready to go

He wants one now so i'll go ahead and add the dressing

A couple pepperoncinis

And some hot giardiniera. We keep Marconi in business.

Doesn't that look good?