Toffee Apple Dip

Dear Friends,

Toffee Apple Dip is super sweet and super addicting. It’s a dip we’ve been making regularly for a long time and one I can’t get enough of. For those of you who, like Kara and me, can’t comprehend  the notion of too sweet…you will fall in love with this dip.

But that’s where the problem comes in. When I last ate this dip I did 2 things I’m not particularly proud of:

1. I licked the bowl clean
2. I ate until my stomach hurt

And for those of you who can handle only a few bites of sweet, well this is for you too. Nobody is left out! You’ll enjoy dipping 2, maybe 3 apples slices. Then you’ll feel satisfied and share the dip with others around you. For all you people out there: I’m so jealous of you! How do you know when to stop? Please tell me!

The Glutton

P.S. Heath Toffee Bits can be found in the baking aisle of most grocery stores.

Here's what you'll need

Mix together all the ingredients. We doubled our recipe so it looks like A LOT

Slice up an apple, we used granny smith

Dig in!