Butterfinger Cupcakes

Have I got a doozy for you today…  Please don’t send me any hate mail. If you are on a diet, just stop reading now. Go here for some healthier options. Forget you ever saw this post. Step away from your computer. Seriously. It’s that bad. I ate half of one of these cupcakes and I immediately pawned them off on a friend.  Thanks Alicia, for taking these off my hands! You spared me from gaining about 10 pounds. I knew before the first bite that I did not have the willpower necessary to stay away from these tasty cupcakes for long. But now I am craving them. One bite was not enough. I need to make them again. This weekend, maybe even tonight.

Butterfingers are one of my favorite candy bars. Add to that a chocolate cupcake, chocolate fudge buttercream filling + frosting and melted chocolate and you have a recipe for disaster. Seriously, how could one make these any better? Sometimes pictures or descriptions look and sound so good, but the finished product just doesn’t live up to the hype. I promise, these will live up to the hype.  Plus, I think they look really great too. I have never used candy bar crumbs as a topping before but I will be trying this technique again soon. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Note: for step-by-step instructions on how to make the chocolate cupcakes click here

Here is what you'll need

Sift together cocoa powder and confectioner's sugar

Cream the butter and shortening in a stand mixer

Add the dry ingredients

Add the milk


Add the vanilla


Add the chocolate fudge. Mix. Set aside. Lick the measuring cup when you are done.

Ground up the Butterfingers in the food processor; set aside

Core the cupcakes

Fill the center of the cupcakes with frosting


Frost with the buttercream frosting

Melt the chocolate chips and spread over each cupcake

Dip each cupcake in the in the Butterfinger crumbs

Pawn these off on your friends so that you don't eat the whole batch!