Cheese Platter

Do you ever have one of those days(weeks?), when you just CANNOT make 1 more dinner? Maybe you had to work late, maybe it is 100 degrees outside and you cannot bear the thought of cooking. Maybe you’ve been cooking recipes for your blog all weekend and you just cannot handle one more thing. Some nights I can’t even find the motivation to make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! No matter how hot, tired, or aggravated I am though, I can always make a cheese platter.


I’ve been making cheese platters for years. Usually I’d cut up some cheddar cheese, maybe some monterrey jack, some pepperoni and serve that with crackers. We loved that. But I have recently started stepping up my game a bit. I’ve been trying fancier cheeses and adding fruit and olives. And in addition to crackers, I have added sliced French bread. Sometimes I even throw some Nutella on the platter. Cause what goes better with French bread than Nutella? Yum! Next time you find yourself dreading what to make for dinner, try a cheese platter. If your husband thinks that dinner must contain meat, then add some Volpi Genoa salami and some prosciutto.


Here is what you’ll need


Could it BE any easier?



Cheese Platter

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Appetizer


  • French Bread, sliced thinly
  • Assorted cheeses, I used camembert and fontina
  • Assorted fruit, I used strawberries, grapes and figs
  • Crackers
  • Olives, I used kalamata
  • Nutella


  • Pick an assortment of fruit, cheese, bread, crackers, olives and other spreads. Arrange neatly on a platter.
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