Cobb Salad

Go ahead and try to tell me that this salad isn’t a perfect work of art. Go ahead! If you say it’s not I won’t believe you. Because this salad looks awesome and it tastes even better.

I’m really proud to include this recipe in our healthy category. In my world, the words ‘healthy’ and ‘recipe’ don’t find themselves in the same sentence often, but I am actively working to improve on that! With that said…I understand that bacon is not particularly healthy and the same goes for ranch and cheese. But turkey bacon and light dressing are both easy changes you can make to lighten this salad up. Baby steps! Or, you can add a small amount of bacon and cheese for flavor and then pile on the healthy stuff like tomatoes, avocado, egg, lettuce and grilled chicken. That’s what I opted for. Plus I used light dressing!!!

What’s great about this salad is it will not leave you feeling hungry. You can munch on a large serving and not feel guilty about it because you’re eating lots of healthy stuff too. There are so many colors, textures, flavors and components to this salad it makes a great presentation for dinner parties, a satisfying dish to eat and a great leftover salad to bring to work the next day.

Note: We served this Cobb Salad for Father’s Day dinner a few weeks ago. Our initial plan was to make a homemade dressing. But we ran out of time so we decided on a peppercorn ranch. It worked great and I’m sure a homemade one would have also!

Here's what you'll need: romaine, tomatoes, red onion, bacon, grilled chicken breast, avocado, hard-boiled egg, shredded cheese and dressing of your choice. Just throw it all together and wa-la!

Not really any steps to this besides chopping everything and throwing it all together. Simple!