Fried Dough

For weeks I had been craving a corn dog…’twas strange because I had never even eaten a corn dog. I guess it’s one of those foods you just know is good. They were a breakthrough in our kitchen. They led to probably our proudest moment to date.

FRIED DOUGH! Okay  actually I’m a little ashamed of it. But not enough to stop me from making it again.

Kara manned the frying and when she realized what a success the corn dogs were she felt confident enough to try frying anything and everything in reach. It started with Butterfingers. But they weren’t frozen so they were a melty chocolatey mess. Then she saw the leftover batter from the corn dogs and we thought “why not!?”.

So good! There’s this awesome grocery store near our house called Mariano’s Fresh Market where you can actually get fried dough that is heavenly. Fresh and warm and instantly fattening. But it’s the type of instant fat that makes you feel happy and warm inside. Anyways, the fried dough we made, just on a whim, was equally as delicious. We sprinkled it with powdered sugar and drizzled it with chocolate sauce (reduced fat chocolate sauce–not.) and dug in. I ate it until I was sick. Why do I always do that?

We added a bit of sugar to the leftover corn dog batter. Couple tablespoons or so.

Fry those puppies till they're golden brown on both sides, sprinkle with powdered sugar and dive in! This looks like remnants of fried Butterfinger. Kind of gross


Note: I didn’t write out a recipe. Click here for our corn dog batter recipe and use it to make this delicious fried dough, just add a bit of sugar to the batter to sweeten it up. Frying time is approximately 1 minute per side.

Source: A Live Love Pasta original