Cedar Planked Salmon

I have mentioned before that Cliff does not eat seafood. Because of that, I don’t cook a lot of seafood at home.  It is only the two of us and, and it is enough work to make one dinner, let alone make two dinners. We mostly stick to pasta, steak and chicken at home. So when we go on vacation or out to dinner I usually order seafood. I love pretty much all kinds of fish and seafood! I only wish Cliff did too! Anytime I get fish is a real treat! Does anyone else feel like certain things always taste better at restaurants? I feel that way about fish. Even when I do make fish at home it is not quite as good as the restaurant! This cedar planked salmon is definitely the exception though. It is so simple yet so tasty!

Salmon can be prepared many ways. My Mom always poached it with lemons and/or oranges. It is good that way, but grilling it on a cedar plank with brown sugar just takes the salmon to a whole new level! The brown sugar melts and creates a nice sweet sauce that goes great with the fish.  And the cedar plank adds a nice smoky flavor. But it is not overpowering. You can definitely still taste the fish. I am so glad to have this recipe in my repertoire. It is easy enough that I can grill myself a small piece of salmon and make Cliff a steak at the same time. It also makes great leftovers for lunch or to add to a salad.

Here is what you'll need

Soak the cedar plank in water for 1/2 an hour

Place the fish on the plank and sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper

Rub the salmon with brown sugar

Grill for 20 minutes and enjoy!