Chicken Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are one of my favorite Chinese food menu items. I always get an order from my favorite take out place. However I didn’t think I’d ever successfully make them at home. For one I didn’t know exactly what the ingredients were and how hard they would be to find and second the rolling process seemed too advanced. So even though I love to eat egg rolls, homemade egg rolls seemed kind of out of my realm.

Why was I so intimidated?! While not all the recipes we try are complete successes (or edible for that matter) this one absolutely was. They turned out way better than I ever imagined they would. The filling was perfect, totally authentic in my opinion. And the outside was crispy and golden. They were SERIOUSLY tasty.

I am definitely going to make these again. They are great for a crowd because you get about 25 or 30 per batch, and they can easily be frozen and reheated in the oven. Next time I might try with shrimp because the ones I order out are shrimp and I really love those. I think lil shrimps rather than chicken would put them over the edge to mouth watering amazing-ness.

Here's what you'll need

To a Ziploc bag add chicken and soy sauce

And garlic…

And veg oil…

And onion. The recipe actually called for green onion. As you can see we used a shallot

Squeeze the excess air out and seal the bag. Let the chicken marinate

Cook the chicken, dice it up and set aside

Then thinly shred the cabbage

Start piling the cabbage and shredded carrot into the hot wok or large skillet

Add the remaining tablespoon of soy sauce add the remaining garlic and onion and cook for another minute

Once it's cooked, transfer to a colander and squeeze out all the liquid

Now get ready for assembly. Mix a tablespoon of corn starch with 3 tablespoons water

Place a wrapper with the corner facing toward you and add a tablespoon or 2 of filling.

Start rolling away from you. Make sure to keep it tight

Now fold the sides in toward the center

And finish rolling it up!!

The corn starch mix will act as glue to keep the wrapper closed


Now fry them in the HOT canola oil, 4-5 minutes, or until golden

As they become golden lay them vertically on a paper towel to help soak up any grease

I have to admit, I'm so proud of how pretty they turned out! These were every bit as good (or better) than take out!