Chocolate Granita


I’ve got an easy one for you today. 3 ingredients and no oven, perfect for these hot summer days. I am betting that everyone already has all 3 ingredients on hand too. Don’t you hate when you see a recipe that you just “have” to make but it requires a trip to multiple grocery stores for all kinds of strange ingredients?  I guarantee that this is not one of those recipes. Today we have a chocolate granita for you. Kelly received a few  cookbooks for her birthday. Strangely, they were all for desserts. One was for dog food/treats. I guess her friends know her interests pretty well; dogs and desserts. We found this recipe in one of her new cookbooks. We made it immediately.

We recently got an ice cream maker and we have been making ice cream like crazy. The problem we have with ice cream is sometimes is turns out great and other times it is a complete fail. Evidently we are not advanced enough for the ice cream with eggs in it yet. In order to ensure success I have only been making ice cream that does not call for eggs. Well, this recipe is even easier! Granita is not ice cream but it is similar to Italian ice, which I consider to be in the same family as ice cream. Anyway, it is a nice cold treat, just not creamy. No cream = less fat.  So let’s see, less fat but equally tasty. I’d say that’s a win! You can make fruit flavored granita as well, but of course we went for the chocolate first. Of course! If you are looking for an easy(no fail) summertime treat give this granita a try.

Here is what you'll need

In a medium saucepan add the sugar and cocoa powder

Add the water

Bring to a boil

After the mixture has cooled transfer to a shallow dish

Stir/scrape with a fork about once per hour until the granita sets

The perfect summer treat!