Crab Rangoon Cups

One of my favorite things to order at Chinese restaurants is crab rangoon.  I mean, its fried(yum!), has cream cheese(yum!), and crab meat(yum!). What more could you ask for? Many times I even find myself ordering crab rangoon as my entrée! It is something I have always wanted to make at home but never knew how. What kind of wrapper would I use, is the filling just cream cheese and crab meat? If I go to an Italian restaurant I have no problems trying to recreate my meals at home. But in Chinese restaurants I never know where to start. I guess I’m just not very confident in my Chinese cooking. From now on though, I am going to start trying to recreate my meals. These crab rangoon cups turned out great. And even better, they are baked, not fried.

We made a bunch of Chinese restaurant inspired dishes one weekend and crab rangoon cups  were one of them. Of all the dishes we made, these were by far the easiest. And they were tasty too! I especially loved the addition of Sriracha. It added a nice kick. I don’t think that the crab rangoons in restaurants are usually spicy, but I actually really liked the spiciness. They weren’t too spicy, but you could definitely taste the Sriracha. I am not a big fan of onion flavor, so I will skip the chives next time. Not to worry though, I ate my share of crab rangoon, even with the chives!  We put some of these in the freezer and they reheated very well. They tasted just as good as when we first made them. If you like the unhealthy restaurant version of crab rangoon then you have to try these healthier ones! They are little cups of crab and cream cheese heaven!

Here is what you'll need

Combine the cream cheese, mayo, crab, chives, and Sriracha

Don't forget the pepper

Spray your muffin tin and put a wonton wrapper in each cup

Mix, mix, mix

Spoon the mixture into the cups and pop them in the oven

Bake until golden brown

Baked not fried = nearly guilt free