Fried Pickles

I have a confession to make. And please don’t judge me.

I’m a reality TV addict. I’m an ABC Family junkie too, but let’s not go there today. In my opinion the trashier the reality TV show the better. I don’t waste time on semi-wholesome shows like The Apprentice or Survivor. No way! But I DVR all the guilty pleasures: Real World, Teen Mom, Real Housewives (all except DC and Miami – yuck!), 16 and Pregnant, etc. You name it, I watch it! But anyone who loves reality TV as much as I do (you know you’re guilty!) knows that the creme de la creme, the one and only Jersey Shore is the best. In honor of the premiere tonight I wanted to post one of Snooki’s favorites. Fried pickles.

For those of you who think Jersey Shore rots your brain, you’re probably right. But this show cracks me up so much that the rotten brain may be worth it. :-/

And Snooki was onto something with fried pickles. They’re fun to snack on and they’re surprisingly tasty. This recipe is basic–only 5 or 6 ingredients. I think throwing more seasonings into the batter would be good too. Perhaps chili powder or cayenne pepper for a bit of spice. Or garlic powder for extra flavor? Extra seasoning or not, you’ve got to try fried pickles at least once in your life, it might as well be for the season premiere!

Cabs Are Herreeee!

Here's what you'll need

While your oil heats, start slicing your dill pickles.

Crack 2 eggs and pour in the beer

Whisk the beer and eggs together

Season with salt and pepper

Add enough flour to make a batter and whisk some more

Dip the pickles into the batter letting any excess batter drip off

Fry until golden brown, about 2 minutes total.

Once they're done, place them on a towel to help soak up the extra oil. Season with salt

Fried Pickles! Just in time for Jersey Shore tonight!! 🙂