Nutella Buttercream

Do you ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong? That was my day on Saturday. Cliff, Kelly and I had a long day of blogging planned. Right before we began, the sky turned pitch black and it poured rain. Great picture-taking weather. Then halfway through the first recipe I got a call from the president of my company. Due to the storm our fire alarm went off. I needed to go to the office to reset it. I went to leave and Cliff said that our car was nearly out of gas. I asked Kelly if I could take her car. Her beloved Acura. She said yes. I went to work, turned the alarm off and started to drive home. That’s when her car started making a weird noise, felt like it was about to die, the check engine light went on and it smelled like it was on fire. I pulled off into a parking lot, called Acura’s roadside assistance and got a tow truck to take it to the dealer. Cliff and Kelly came and picked me up. What was supposed to be a quick trip to the office turned into a 3-hour fiasco. Needless to say we didn’t get a whole lot of blog work done.

It is days like that when I just want to make a batch of nutella buttercream frosting and do some frosting shots while watching a Jersey Shore marathon. For this recipe we made our go-to chocolate cupcakes. Then we whipped up a quick batch of this nutella buttercream frosting. Let me just say, I LOVE this frosting. BUT, it really didn’t taste like frosting to me. It tasted like I piped nutella straight onto the cupcakes. So, if you are like me and love nutella, then you will love this frosting. If you want it to taste more like frosting then you might want to look for another recipe. Imagine taking a bite of a chocolate cupcake and then eating a spoonful of nutella frosting. Heaven, right?

Here is what you'll need. Obviously this is for the frosting only!

Beat the butter until smooth

Add the nutella

Add the powdered sugar

Add enough milk to reach the desired consistency

What could be better than chocolate cupcakes topped with nutella?