Coconut Granola

As I mentioned in this post, we made some burnt granola this weekend. Don’t you just love when you burn things? The directions said flip every five minutes, and that is no lie! I diligently flipped this granola after cooking for 5 minutes and 10 minutes. That’s when things went wrong. At 10 minutes I flipped the granola and then I took the dogs for a quick walk. When I got back to the kitchen there were 3 minutes left on the timer and the granola was much darker then I wanted. Fail. Why can I not just follow the directions? Will I ever learn my lesson? Not likely.

Despite the dark color, it still tasted really good. A few pieces that were along the edges of the pan were definitely burnt.  But for the most part it looked burnt, but tasted fabulous! Originally, I thought this granola would go great with yogurt, and it does. Although, I was enjoying it by the handful straight from the bag. But you know what would pair perfectly with this granola? Ice cream! Maybe chocolate or coconut? I still have some leftover granola so I will definitely give it a try. We got this recipe from Jessica and I’m sure it was perfect just as she made it. We made a few changes though. 1. We added cashews. 2. We swapped coconut butter for regular butter. I have no idea what coconut butter is. 3. We added chocolate chips. I personally think that the addition of chocolate chips was a genius move, thankyouverymuch. If you are like me, and can’t stand plain old boring (healthy) yogurt, then whip up a batch of this granola to add to your yogurt (or ice cream) every morning (or night). But please, don’t be like me, flip your granola every 5 minutes!

I just want to mention that yesterday was Cliff and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary. Crazy, I can’t believe it has been 3 years. Like I told Cliff, it has been 3, long miserable years. Just kidding! It has been the best 3 years of my life thus far! I love you Chill, you are the best husband ever!


Ok, back to coconut granola!!!!

Here is what you'll need

Begin by mixing the coconut, oats, nuts, salt, wheat germ, and flax seed in a bowl

In a separate bowl mix the coconut oil with the honey, vanilla and coconut extract

Add the liquid ingredients to the oat mixture and mix

Add the melted butter

Spread a thin layer on a baking sheet

Whoops! A little dark. Don't burn yours. You will be happier if your granola looks as good as it tastes.

Once cooled, transfer the granola to a bag and add the mini chips

Shake it up!

Serve with yogurt. Or ice cream. Or just eat it by the fistful.