Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwiches

I wish I had known about these apple sandwiches when I was growing up. I wasn’t much of a sandwich eater. At least not the kind of sandwiches most people would bring for lunch. You know, like ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Nope, not me. I think I took a croissant with melted cheese everyday for about 10 years. Maybe more? If it was a really special day I might get mushrooms on that cheese croissant. If we were out of cheese or croissants I would take a peanut butter sandwich. No jelly. I was a pretty picky eater back then. I remember at our grade school they would have special days when they would get Subway or McDonalds or something. I dreaded those days. You could not specify how you would like your sandwich. They were all the same. And it was never a plain cheese “sub,” which would be the only thing I would ever eat from Subway. And when they ordered hamburgers from McDonalds there were never any plain hamburgers. They all had mustard and pickles on them. And I do not go near mustard or pickles. So on those special days, I just ate my cheese croissant while everyone else had subs and hamburgers. Poor me.

If I had known about these sandwiches, I would have taken them instead of the croissants with melted cheese. I have always loved ants on a log; this is very similar, but maybe better??? If you are not going to eat them right away I would pour some lemon juice on the apples to keep them from getting brown. Even if you aren’t still brown bagging it, I think this is a great snack. I take them to work for mid-afternoon snacks once in a while. We made some with raisins and some with chocolate chips. Kelly and I both preferred the raisins, but the chocolate chip ones were good also. If you are a picky eater yourself, or maybe your kids are picky eaters, I would definitely recommend these apple and peanut butter sandwiches.


Here is what you’ll need

Slice the top and bottom off of the apples

Slice the apples

Remove the core

Spread the peanut butter on the apples

Top each apple with another apple and add raisins

Or chocolate chips!

The perfect snack!



Peanut Butter and Apple Sandwiches

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Appetizer


  • Apples (you should be able to get 2 sandwiches per apple)
  • Peanut Butter (about 2 tablespoons per sandwich)
  • Raisins or chocolate chips, or both


  • Wash the apples. Slice the top and the bottom off of the apple. Begin slicing the apple into about ½ inch slices. Using a knife, corer, or pastry tip remove the core of the apple. Spread peanut butter on the apples and top with another apple. Stick raisins, chocolate chips or both along the sides on the peanut butter.
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